Journal Entry #5

When Jeannette faced this situation, she became completely insulted by this man’s last comment. Jeannette took pride in her father, and was offended whenever someone talked bad about him. Like previously mentioned, Jeannette is the only one left who believes in her father, the rest of the family has given up on him. During lunch, Jeannette would read Francie Nolan’s books, which further inspired her to see the good in her father, despite of his horrible drinking habits. After the man expressed his opinion on Jeannette in relation to her father, Jeannette demanded to be let off of the car, enfuriated. I don’t have any set plans for the future myself, but I see myself going to a 4-year college for some kind of degree. Although I know and want to go to a good school, I have no idea what my biggest strength is so I don’t know what profession I want to take up. My dream school is UCI, and I’m striving to go there, but the problem is that I don’t know what to major in. Throughout my high school career, I’ve been saying that I want to become a pharmacist when I grow up, but now that I think about it, that’s only because that’s what my mom wants me to be. Ever since I’ve been a kid, my parents have always wanted me to study hard and do good in school, but I had no plan as to what I’d be doing in the future. Of course I’d be doing well in school, but I’d just be lost overall. After high school, I hope to figure out what job would be good for me, and hopefully I’ll have a degree in that, and carry on in my life. My biggest concern is my happiness and not the wealth that comes along with whatever job I take up.