An Open Letter to Our Partners

Dear Partners:

As you may have learned through the media or Twitter, on Friday, February 19th we published a Tweet which read: “We are very saddened by the Georgia Senate which passed #HB757 also known as #FADA. It’s time to relocate.”

If you are not familiar with Georgia’s “First Amendment Defense Act,” it is another Religious Freedom bill, which will allow entities to refuse or deny service based on their “deeply held religious beliefs.” We believe any legislation that allows open discrimination is wrong.

The 373K team is made up of individuals from different sexes, races, creeds, nationalities, and religions (or the lack thereof). As we continue to grow, we’ll continue to seek the best talent we can find without regard to their sex, race, creed, nationality or religion. As such, we cannot and will not support a state which will allow for a bill such as this to even be debated.

We cannot, in good conscience, be domiciled in a state and pay state income taxes to support a government that encourages discrimination through legislation. Even if the bill fails to become law, the actions of the Senate were enough for us to seriously reconsider being based in Georgia. As of this writing our executive team is in the process of incorporating in the state of Nevada.

It is important to note that 373K is not against religion; our staff represents all of the major religions on the planet. 373K is against discrimination. While the bill is often called, “Anti-Gay”, the truth is this bill would allow for any entity to discriminate against the sin which they consider is worth discrimination, be it a single mother who had a child out of wedlock, a person who has divorced, or even a widow that didn’t marry her brother-in-law.

How do we explain to our existing employees or future employees that because their religion is not Christian, that they are a single mother, or that they are gay that they could face state-sanctioned discrimination or that their employer continues to fund a state that allows such? The answer to that is easy… We won’t. Because we will no longer be based in Georgia.

What does this decision mean to you, the services we provide, or the employees in Georgia. Nothing. Nothing changes. Employees who remain in Georgia will continue to be 373K employees, we’ve had employees in multiple states and around the globe since the beginning of 373K.

Lastly, we’ve been accused of wanting to leave Georgia and moving to Nevada to avoid the state’s corporate income taxes, this couldn’t be further from the truth. As you are aware, we are in telecommunications, and as such, we pay taxes to federal, state, and local governments wherever we originate or terminate traffic. Telecom, being one of the most taxed industries, will always be taxed regardless of the state they’re domiciled in. In fact, we will continue to be taxed in Georgia for payroll taxes and other taxes as a Nevada corporation.

We look forward to continuing to serve you.

The 373K Team

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