6 months afterwards… we soldier on!

6 months today we started a journey of creating a VR short immersive film, which — honestly — we didn’t know where it’d lead us. During this time this fascinating technology has moved on: new devices, more capabilities, exciting announcements (e.g.: Amazon’s Lumberyard https://aws.amazon.com/lumberyard/), et al… during this whole process we didn’t know how easy or hard things were going to be or, indeed, if we would be able to complete the task. Sometimes we were at the top of the world, feeling a rush from discovering a new way to go around things — but, as easily, some other times we were frustrated and felt like we had no answers to the myriad of technological, artistic, GUI-related, sound-related, narrative-based questions that came up. Although still away from being at a point of completion… we’re still very much pushing on, and the project is just starting to come together nicely: we got our first V.O. narrations, the 1st test build... It’s getting very promising but I’m sure we’re months away from Beta testers telling us they’re happy with the initial build. In any case (and I think I speak on everyone’s behalf here) the journey is now getting to its most exciting moment. We can’t wait to get it out there — and hear that all of you out there enjoy it!

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