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“Arguably, there’s no way for Republican lawmakers to respond that would qualify as a political win. All they can do is try to stop the bleeding. But first they have to have enough conviction to actually get off the sinking ship.”

Quite well put. However they want their reality denying agenda far more then they want to make America a better place, and their base is happy to accommodate this.

History will not look kindly on them, but voters have short memories, in a few months this will all be forgotten because the need to discriminate and harm the poor/middle class/minorities/women trumps all other considerations, especially when instead of admitting their mistakes they can blame scapegoats and their base will also accept this.

Reality denial and hate is what the right and its voters stand for, and they are not evolved enough to consider of anything else. Not to say its impossible, but they as of yet have little intention of seeing other humans as equals.

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