You already know who they’ll blame — the same ones they ALWAYS blame: Jews, Liberals, Homosexuals…
Derek Starr

I’ve never heard that expression, but there are enough swing voters to tilt the election either way, and if you take away their messiah they just vote for the next one.

If they suffer personal consequences they are less likely to vote for a repeat.

If humans were rational we would learn from history, but a generation learns, the next generation forgets those lessons and votes to repeat them (because the grass is greener on the other side even though it failed a generation or few before).

Whats happening now is small potatoes, just wait till he signs Paul Ryan’s worse way budget, cut medicare, cut obamacare, cut social security, cut planned parenthood and cut food stamps and other social programs, and maybe even eliminate minimum wage, thats when the real fireworks start.

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