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Interesting ideas, and I’m tempted to invest $25, but my instinct is to double down here on — a going concern, even if “concern” is the right word, there’s no guarantee that its model will be sustainable. And then what happens to all of our content?

You’re right that you need to promote the platform in which you’ve invested, but I really don’t feel like sending screen shots of tweets I’ve made, to get bonus points. I’d rather be working directly on content and promoting my own writing and the Medium platform at the same time.

I’m also not sure about the whole cryptocurrency angle. I like the fact that I pay five bucks a month and it goes into a pool. This to me is really transparent and fair (if it’s really administered the way they say). This is not to say I don’t believe in the principle of cryptocurrencies, in fact, I proposed my own form, the Astrocoin, to be based on radio astronomy number-crunching algorithms, instead of the “pointless puzzles” that Bitcoin miners currently process. Here, the cryptocurrency is woven into an existing scientific enterprise — and the SKA radio telescope here in southern Africa is projected to use ten times the bandwidth of the entire world wide web, when it’s complete, so this is a realm where serious computations are already being done. No shortage of puzzles to be solved.

I wish you all the best with Presscoin, and sincerely all the best with providing alternative platforms for serious journalism. Make a noise.

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