The New York Times’s William Broad is Complicit in Global Corporate Genocide

His decades of deliberate deception about the risks of power line and wireless radiation will help to kill at least 150 million people.

“Defending the indefensible.”

You either keep up to date with Microwave News, or you don’t. For decades, this publication has provided the only reliable record of the incredibly tangled debate about wireless technology and health; and its editor Dr Louis Slesin has painstakingly documented the machinations of the Microwave Mafia, that peculiar collection of vested interests ranging from military generals waging stealth warfare, to academics seeking government contracts to pacify public fears, to journalists winning awards sponsored by wireless operators.

The top story on Microwave News at present is an article titled Defending the Indefensible, and concerns an article and headline in the New York Times reporting the findings of a major government-funded study into cellphone radiation and cancer.

And who really cares about male rats?

You can read the Microwave News story and the original article for yourself. The context needs to be understood. Mr Broad was reporting on the findings of a study carried out by the U.S. government’s National Toxicology Program. Costing $30 million, this is one of the biggest investigations of its kind ever carried out on wireless technology. And you can look for yourself at the very first finding the NTP themselves report. The wording is clear: “Clear evidence of tumors in the hearts of male rats.” It’s worth reporting in their own words the scale that the NTP uses to rate cancer risks:

The conclusions were based on the NTP four categories of evidence that a substance may cause cancer.
* Clear evidence (highest)
* Some evidence
* Equivocal evidence
* No evidence (lowest)

In other words, the NTP reported their highest level of evidence of cancer risk arising from this study. And the researchers themselves confessed that they were surprised and were not expecting to find anything so … clear.

William Broad knows better than the NTP, however, that his New York Times readers are not interested in this “clear” evidence of cancer from mobile phones, and certainly not in a headline. His logic here is so incredibly specious that it is worth recording:

The vital context for this discussion is that our article focused on brain tumors because that’s what readers worry about. Naturally, people hold cell phones to their heads, not to their hearts (unlike the rats in the study, which had no choice but to be irradiated over their entire bodies). I see nothing here to correct.

Now: no study of radiation and health is ever complete without some serious anomalies emerging. This field is so complex, there are so many different factors at play, and the studies take so long, that there are always confounders and baffling contradictions in the findings. Many media pundits jumped on the fact that the rats that got cancer in this study actually lived longer, on average, than those that didn’t. We didn’t see a headline saying “Study proves cancer is good for you!”, but it was close.

Note William Broad’s deep concern for what his readers worry about: brain tumours, not heart tumours. Now, as it happens, I was browsing an old copy of Time magazine from September 2014 recently, it called itself The Answers Issue. And it addressed all kinds of vexing problems. There is a whole page devoted to one question: Why don’t we get heart cancer? “On average, leading hospitals see fewer than one case per year”, we are told. And it emerges there are fairly straightforward reasons why heart cancer is so extremely rare.

So the discovery of an incredibly rare cancer occurring in a significant proportion of irradiated rats — even if they are just male rats — is a very disturbing finding. What is even more extraordinary is that a similar study by the Ramazzini Institute in Italy recently reported finding exactly the same type of cancer in the hearts of irradiated male rats: “A statistically significant increase in the incidence of heart schwannomas was observed in treated male rats at the highest dose (50 V/m).”

The NTP study found precisely the same malignant schwannomas occurring in the hearts of their male rats.

Now, maybe “malignant schwannoma” doesn’t mean much to you. But for anyone researching cellphones and health, this type of tumour rings a very big bell indeed. These tumours are not normally found in the heart at all, so their appearance there is an anomaly upon an anomaly. Schwann cell tumours or schwannomas are usually found in the inner ear, where they are known as acoustic neuromas. And at least nine studies have linked cellphone radiation with increased risk of acoustic neuroma.

Remember what William Broad said? His readers are worried about brain tumours, not heart tumours, they hold these phones to their heads, not their hearts. But the heart tumours reported in rats are of exactly the same type that have been reported in the inner ears of human beings. Who jam those cellphones right against their ears.

As Microwave News says:

Broad’s assertion that he’s putting the reader first is doubly specious because the tumors in the hearts and brains of the NTP rats are in the same type of cells. They are the same cancers, just in different organs.

I have a friend who is, years later, still recovering from surgery to remove an acoustic neuroma. This operation leaves you deaf in at least one ear, with all kinds of balance, vision, and other problems, and is basically major brain surgery. As an international civil servant who worked for years for the United Nations, after this ghastly experience Olga Sheean issued a Call for Action to challenge the long-established pattern of denial of the World Health Organization with regard to the dangers of wireless technology.

Corresponding with Olga, I was left in no doubt about the shattering and incapacitating effect of having these inner-ear tumours removed.

Microwave News concluded thus about Broad’s article:

Broad, a veteran science reporter, would have us believe that he tailored his write-up to tell people what they want to know. But the NTP story was not that the rats got brain cancer or even that they got malignant tumors in their hearts. The key finding was that they got cancer. A responsible headline would have read, Cell Phone Radiation Causes Cancer.

A responsible headline on this subject? From the New York Times? Do not hold your breath.

Microwave News points out that William Broad has been denying the dangers of electromagnetic radiation, and insulting those who research the issue, for decades. One of his most obviously biased and deeply agenda-driven interventions in the media debate was in 1999. A researcher named Liburdy was alleged to have fudged two graphs in an obscure paper on the effects of electric fields on calcium uptake in cells. There is a vast amount of research showing such issues with calcium. William Broad trumped this one case up as proof that all the scientific evidence alleging that power lines were dangerous could therefore be dismissed. The Bioelectromagnetics Society noted in a response to the Times:

What is particularly troubling in Mr. Broad’s story is the use of the “affair Liburdy” to make it appear that the question of a possible link between electric and magnetic fields and the incidence of cancer has been conclusively settled.

Microwave News noted:

But researchers in the bioelectromagnetics community said that Liburdy’s disputed data is only tangentially related to the cancer debate, and one small piece of the overall work on EMFs and calcium.

The lone expert that Broad consulted in this story was Robert L Park of the physics department of the University of Maryland, who made the following defamatory, patronising, and totally smug statement:

Robert L. Park, a professor of physics at the University of Maryland who has long questioned the power-cancer link, said Dr. Liburdy’s deception was probably typical for the field, which has sometimes been belittled as crusaders out to vilify industry. “It’s often not deliberate fraud either,’’ Dr. Park said of slanted data. “People are awfully good at fooling themselves. They’re so sure they know the answer that they don’t want to confuse people with ugly-looking data.”

There is no way you can discuss Dr Robert L Park without mentioning that the University of Maryland is literally CIA and NSA central, you can check for yourself, these agencies are always recruiting on that campus. Famously, Edward Snowden’s first job for the NSA was guarding a “secret” NSA building at the University of Maryland, which led to some raised eyebrows. You people don’t think there are secret NSA buildings on U.S. campuses? In Maryland? Please.

Check out William Broad’s career, especially his reporting on weapons of mass destruction, and you’ll see that he is the consummate media insider with the boys with the really big guns. I haven’t got time to go into the evidence of his major collusion with the Obama regime to manage stories and stage strategic revelations, check this out for yourself. My concern is Dr Robert L Park, because any troll on the Internet wearing a tinfoil hat will have come across him at one time or another.

Dr Robert L Park is a stuck record repeating ad nauseam that “non-ionizing radiation cannot break chemical bonds and therefore physics tells us that cellphones can’t possibly cause cancer.” This is the industry mantra. This is why we have the whole field of “non-ionising radiation protection”, with the high temple of this cult being the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), a self-appointed and completely industry-dominated front organization that sets the guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization. These ICNIRP guidelines are expressly based on the axiom, the unshakable creed, that microwave radiation has no effect on living organisms other than simple heating.

I’ve sent WHO itself one of its own WHO review papers, showing at least 26 studies that report brainwave changes with ordinary cellphone radiation that are exactly in line with the pulsed frequencies that are used by this technology, this is all referenced in a link below. These are changes in the nervous system that have absolutely nothing to do with heating. In fact, there are a minimum of 25,000 papers that show a vast array of biological effects and health damage from “non-thermal” electromagnetic radiation. Hundreds more papers are published every month, and in recent years there has been a particular spate of biochemical studies on the effects of cellphone radiation from China and sociological studies on smartphone addiction from South Korea and Japan.

However, ICNIRP maintains quite seriously that because there’s no “mechanism” to “explain” these effects, they can all simply be ignored. These effects include a study showing thousands of excess cancer deaths occurring near cellphone masts in one Brazilian city. Literally, dead bodies piling up around masts is not nearly enough to get these “science-based” setters of standards even to show even a bored kind of interest. In all my efforts over the decades to lobby ICNIRP, including mailing every single living person listed on their website, the only soul who ever responded was the secretary, just once, to tell me she had to go home because her mother was sick. I kid you not. I wished her mother good health.

In the last decade or so, complete biochemical signalling pathways have been elucidated to explain exactly how just two minutes of cellphone radiation precipitates massive oxidative stress in living human cells. At the very least, this proliferation of free radicals raises the risk of genetic damage and cancer, a vast range of neurological issues, and metabolic problems. Yet although these biochemical cascades have been traced back to the single enzyme that initiates them, NADH oxidase, as complete a mechanism as one could hope for; and although these findings have been verified and extended in hundreds of other papers over the last decade; ICNIRP and WHO continue to deny that there’s any possible way that microwave radiation can harm the body, unless it actually cooks you. And the ICNIRP standards have not changed one whit since 1998, despite the massive rollouts of new forms of wireless technology.

However: the wireless industry can always rely on military-industrial-academic stooges like Robert Park of the University of Maryland to provide a defamatory quote or two, and journalists like William Broad of the New York Times to use them as their sole “experts”.

As the Bioelectromagnetics Society noted:

We find it strange that Mr. Broad selects and quotes as his only expert in this area “Robert L. Park, a professor of physics at the University of Maryland who has long questioned the power-cancer link” and who holds in the opinion of many, who are familiar with ELF-EMF health effects research, an unjustified extreme point of view.

And now we cut to the present day, and an extremely interesting article written this September by Mr William J Broad in the New York Times titled Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers. And no, these are not the workers in the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, who were irradiated with microwaves by the Soviets for decades during the Cold War — a fact which the U.S. government hid from its employees, while secretly collecting data on their health. Three ambassadors who occupied that office died of leukaemia, one with bleeding eyeballs. The eyes are particularly sensitive to microwaves, they resonate with the centimetre wavelengths and the eye cannot disperse heat well.

The embassy workers in this case, however, were in Havana, not Moscow. From November 2016, they started experiencing a variety of extremely strange phenomena; according to Broad:

Diplomats and their families recounted high-pitched sounds in homes and hotel rooms at times intense enough to incapacitate. Long-term, the symptoms included nausea, crushing headaches, fatigue, dizziness, sleep problems and hearing loss.

The story had been reported before, although the news wires described the incident as some kind of acoustic attack. However, anyone with experience of these matters looking at these symptoms will immediately think of microwaves, this is textbook “microwave syndrome”, as the Soviets called it in their clinical diagnosis books. So I was not surprised to see allegations now appearing that this was actually microwave warfare. However, I was extremely surprised, nay amazed, nay truly gobsmacked, to find this appearing in the New York Times. This article was pure tinfoil-hat material from beginning to end. And we know, from reading the New York Times, that all the tinfoil-hat rubbish is just tinfoil-hat rubbish, nonsense from deluded fools who are deceiving even themselves.

I had never really heard of Mr William J Broad up to this point, although I may have read other stories by him. This time, however, he got my full attention. As it happened, I had just prepared a 40-page sworn statement on the dangers of wireless technology, and masts in particular, in which I laid out the information I had received in person in 2010 from a certain Mr Barrie Trower, who is one of the world’s greatest experts in microwave warfare. We had brought him to South Africa and Botswana to act as a consultant in drastic disputes over masts in these two countries.

My sworn statement was a submission in a court case in Cape Town, South Africa, where the Executive Mayor, Patricia de Lille, had personally approved a major cellphone mast right over a creche. De Lille has since resigned as mayor, amid huge acrimony and a vast legal war with her own party, which was busy suing her, and which she has now left to go start her own new party, her second so far. So my guess is she is not paying much attention to this case of a cellphone mast, especially as she’s legally not allowed to comment on it, as it’s sub judice or before the courts.

However, I though that William Broad might be interested in seeing this legal affidavit, as it confirms that not only is microwave warfare very real; but that Western governments have been enthusiastically embracing it, and using it as a weapon on their own civilian populations, since at least the 1980s.

Mr Barrie Trower was an active British intelligence agent in the 1960s and ’70s. He was sent on anti-terrorist missions with a large revolver and explicit orders to kill if necessary. His first exposure to microwave warfare was during underwater bomb disposal for the Royal Navy, as the Soviets used microwave booby traps. Starting with this background, and after years of rigorous training, he eventually found himself as the senior interrogator of captured Soviet-bloc “microwave spies” who had been infiltrated into the U.K. with small, sophisticated microwave transmitters, which they could use to irradiate particular individuals in their homes and affect their health, mental state, and general wellbeing.

This is now confirmed in Broad’s recent report, which describes how the NSA said in 2014:

A foreign power built a weapon “designed to bathe a target’s living quarters in microwaves, causing numerous physical effects, including a damaged nervous system.”

Now, according to Mr Trower, through the systematic torture and irradiation of thousands of political and psychiatric prisoners, the KGB compiled an extensive list of pulsed microwave frequencies and their effects on body and brain. Mr Trower’s task was to extract these frequencies from the captured microwave spies, all highly trained and extremely intelligent operatives who carefully tailored their radiation attacks according to the psychological profile and immediate circumstances of the target.

For instance, Mr Trower told us, a Cabinet minister might be known to be visiting a prostitute. He would be irradiated beforehand with a pulsed frequency that potentiates for uncontrollable sexual violence, with predictable consequences. You can think of the case of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who allegedly sexually assaulted a hotel maid in 2011. Whatever really happened in that room, it ended Strauss-Kahn’s presidential ambitions, and if I had investigated that incident, I would have checked out who was in the rooms above, below, and to each side. And whether they were carrying any unusual luggage for a short stay.

Mr Barrie Trower’s CV indicates that he was a prison officer at Dartmoor maximum security jail for over a decade. This was where these microwave spies were held, one with a 42-year sentence. Their activities were never revealed to the British public. With no more coercion than a cup of tea, Mr Trower says, he patiently extracted every single frequency he needed from these spies. In one case, he told us, there was an urgent need to find a particular frequency the Soviets were using, and there was only one spy who knew this information. Mr Trower arranged for the whole of Dartmoor prison to be locked down when he was alone in a room with this individual. For two days, everyone in the entire jail had to stay in their cells, or wherever they were at the time, with meals pushed through holes in the door. Mr Trower passed a message out, give me one more day. And on the third day, he got his frequency.

He undertook exhaustive courses in human physiology and specialized psychology, and interrogated terrorists, including the Baader-Meinhof gang, and master criminals like the Great Train Robbers. He also collected thousands of scientific papers on the biological and health effects of microwaves, some extremely rare and difficult to obtain. By the end of this experience, he held the most comprehensive list in the world of pulsed microwave frequencies and their effects on body and brain — all the Soviet research, plus all the Western research. None of this was ever written down, Mr Trower told us. Whenever he got a new piece of intelligence, a chap called Dennis would arrive at the back door of Dartmoor prison and receive it verbally.

Mr Trower has confirmed that the West developed and used microwave weapons, using exactly the same frequencies that he had provided to them. And he has confirmed that Western governments have used these weapons on their own civilian populations for decades. He specifically confirmed the deliberate microwaving of the Greenham Common women in the 1980s, protesting against a U.S. nuclear airbase, who fell ill with all kinds of symptoms associated with microwaves, including miscarriages. He also said that entire populations of Catholics in Northern Ireland were irradiated in the 1980s to keep them passive.

But it was when Mr Barrie Trower saw the exact same pulsed frequencies, the exact same carrier waves, and the exact same intensities that marked microwave weapons, being used with mobile phones, with little children putting these transmitters against their heads, that he decided enough was enough, broke with the Official Secrets Act, and emerged as one of the most devastating whistleblowers of our time.

This may reveal the extent of my own paranoia, but I can honestly say that not one single revelation of Edward Snowden even remotely surprised me. Mr Barrie Trower told me details of some of the stealth microwave weapons that are already deployed all over the world, waiting to be activated, and I can truly say I was shocked and horrified beyond any words. I’m still totally terrified at what I know is out there. So in my book, Mr Barrie Trower is a far bigger whistleblower than Ed Snowden. His personal information may be dated, but this only shows how long all of this has been going on. And he still has spook friends around the world, who keep him informed and send documents his way.

One document he obtained in this manner is worth quoting here, because it reveals the real agenda of William Broad’s Pentagon pals. It’s a declassified U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency report from 1976, titled Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (Radiowaves and Microwaves) Eurasian Communist Countries. It describes the research done in the Soviet bloc on microwaves and outlines their much more stringent protective measures against microwave exposure. On page vi, the report notes:

If the more advanced nations of the West are strict in the enforcement of stringent exposure standards, there could be unfavorable effects on industrial output and military functions.

According to Mr Barrie Trower, the doctrine embodied in this single sentence will, in the long run, be responsible for killing far more people than World Wars 1 and 2 combined. And his job was precisely to give battlefield estimates like this to the British government. He never says a single thing he cannot back up with extensive scientific evidence.

One way or another, I felt it was worth bringing Mr Barrie Trower and his vast trove of information on microwave warfare to the attention of the New York Times, if they were really now admitting that microwave warfare actually existed; so I mailed William Broad, and offered him a genuine exclusive, I said he could have this 40-page affidavit with its original first-hand material on Mr Trower with pleasure. I warned him that Mayor de Lille, to whom the submission was addressed, would not be answering any questions on it, but otherwise I saw no reason to keep it secret.

William Broad wrote back to me, which was a real surprise, saying: “Thanks for writing, Karl. Happy to see your evidence. I spent much of my youth glued to a Hallicrafters S-108. It’s a big world, no? Cheers, Bill.”

So I sent him my affidavit, along with a little story about how, when the security police raided our Johannesburg house in 1960, during the Sharpeville emergency, they thought they had bust a secret Communist radio station. My father had a Hallicrafters communications receiver, designed to be used with a transmitter, so it had a mute switch, which was marked “Transmit/Receive”. This just prevented the receiver from being fried if you activated a transmitter nearby, nothing more, but this had to be carefully explained to the Special Branch. I was three years old at the time, but I remember the experience vividly, as that afternoon ended with both my parents being taken away and imprisoned without trial for three months.

You can guess that I never heard from Mr William J. Broad again, which was no surprise to me at all. There are very good reasons why Mr Barrie Trower’s story does not get into the mainstream media. One of these is that during his time in the prison service, specifically this time Wormwood Scrubs jail in London, he became aware of a large number of youths who were being sexually abused by a ring of very senior politicians, including Cabinet ministers, and other powerful people. Mr Trower was highly trained in lip reading, among other skills. He submitted a full dossier naming these abusers to Scotland Yard in the 1970s, whereupon it disappeared without trace, as has every other such dossier since.

He never told us about this himself, but I confirmed all the details with a reporter at a local newspaper in the U.K. which carried the story and described how Mr Trower’s local MP told him to leave this highly sensitive information with a secretary, which he refused to do. I can tell you, though, that Mr Trower does not have a high opinion of British politicians.

As I say, I never heard from Bill Broad again; but I stopped in my tracks when I read this current story in Microwave News, and realised that the one and only journalist to whom I had sent my information on masts was probably the very last one on the planet who would ever print it.

The New York Times could change the entire history of the world in a day, with exactly one honest article about the known dangers of wireless technology and microwave irradiation. But understand one thing, which I have stated in exactly these terms elsewhere on Medium. The generals will happily kill every single last one of you, before they relinquish their greatest toy ever, stealth weaponry, especially stealth weaponry that can be used to target entire populations.

There is a global panic to roll out 5G as fast as possible; the real race against time is to get this system in place before the catastrophic effects of the microwaving of the entire planet become evident, and those piles of dead bodies around masts can no longer be buried in the statistics.

In order to stay sweet with his Pentagon informants, someone like William J Broad knows that he has to keep the truth about cellphones and wifi and masts and 5G suppressed. There are no two ways about it. He knows exactly what he is doing. Anyone who quotes Dr Robert L Park of the University of Maryland as his sole expert, is revealing that he is completely in the pocket of the microwave mafia and its agenda.

When you spend decades covering up the truth about the hazards of wireless technology, during which decades this technology is spread all over the world, creating without doubt the single greatest technological take-up in the whole of human history, without any proper health testing, without a proper word of precaution to the world, and especially to the Third World: then you have a serious case of complicity in crimes against humanity. At the very least, this global corporate undertaking represents a vast experiment on human beings that is being conducted without any notion of consent, let alone informed consent. This is a textbook crime against humanity being carried out in full public view, with dead silence from the media. I have come across many journalists whom I felt were directly complicit in covering up the truth about cellphones and health. But I have to say Mr William J Broad has emerged in a class all of his own, and I am therefore making him the first journalist I am naming as directly complicit in the ongoing corporate genocide that is being engineered by the wireless industry.

Mr Barrie Trower’s absolute rock-bottom minimum estimate for the number of people who will be killed or incapacitated by this technology is 3% of the exposed population. There is very consistent evidence that about 3% of people are highly sensitive to microwaves and will become severely ill or die under prolonged irradiation, including from masts. As evidence for this, we can note that over 2% of all American children are now diagnosed as being in the autistic spectrum, according to the CDC.

Taking 5 billion users as a really low estimate, then we are talking about an absolute minimum of 150 million people being killed or incapacitated. There’s no other word for this but genocide. Under U.K. law, companies that cause death through negligence or willful ignorance can be charged with “corporate manslaughter”. Where this applies to an entire global industry, killing tens of millions of people, I believe the only correct term is “corporate genocide”.

I mailed William Broad again, warning him that I was going to accuse him of complicity in crimes against humanity, and asking him if he had any response to the evidence I had provided in my legal submission. Just to cover my back, I cc’d this to another Times writer, one Nellie Bowles, to whom I’d already written after she actively canvassed information on smartphone addiction. She didn’t reply the first time, and she certainly didn’t reply the second. She was asked at a tech fair event, as a media insider, what news sources she would recommend. Her first punt was predictably for the New York Times. Perhaps she can see here just what fake news her primary source of information has put out for decades, on a matter that crucially affects the health and wellbeing of every single person on this planet.

This is a link to my legal submission, which to my knowledge contains by far the most comprehensive and up-to-date account of the scientific research on masts and health available in the world right now. You’re welcome to use it in any way you choose, given that it is a live document in an ongoing court case. If you want to see the actual sworn part of this statement, you can check out my accusations against WHO and the UN of complicity in corporate genocide. And if you want to see just how deep the cover-up of this issue goes within the media, you can glance at the gruesome story of my six-month battle with the British press regulator IPSO, which refused point-blank to take any notice of my central complaints about a very bad article on mobile phones and health. Don’t try read the whole of this account, it will damage your brain.

I have stated over and again that the issue of wireless technology and health is not a scientific issue at all, it’s purely a media issue. The science was settled decades ago: from the 1950s, we have known that microwave exposure is extremely dangerous. Check out Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette by Robert C Kane, if you don’t believe me. Kane was a truly brilliant Motorola engineer who tested mobile phone antennas for the company, until he got a lesion on his head where he held the phone, and then a brain tumour right underneath this lesion. Before he died, he managed to complete and self-publish this book, which outlines just what Motorola knew, when they knew it, and how they obfuscated the science and overtly used ignorance — the fact that it was going to take years to research this technology properly — to justify rolling it out without any proper health testing or evaluation. Just like they are doing right now with 5G, this time led by the FCC itself. The book is of immense historical and legal importance, as major class-action cases against Motorola and other wireless companies brought by brain cancer victims and their families move through the courts towards discovery and the presentation of expert scientific evidence.

Use of the term “corporate genocide” should not neglect the role of the military, however; and while we can see the cellphone towers, you would never even be able to guess what stealth weaponry the military has in place. The civilian and military networks are seamlessly integrated all over the world. With 5G, the true global surveillance super-state is dawning. And this reality is dawning on lots of people, who see in 5G the final technology of the End Times. And the truth is, they are absolutely correct. 5G spells the end of the human race as we know it, there’s no question about this. And it’s hard at the door.

I actually told Executive Mayor Patricia de Lille, as a politician who made a name for herself exposing corruption in the South African government’s arms deals, that if the truth about microwave masts were ever to be revealed to the public across the planet, this would without question coincide with the outbreak of World War 3 for real. Again, the generals will cheerfully kill every last one of you before they relinquish their stealth weaponry.

If there is any sign of a serious public outcry over the micro masts that are appearing right across the landscape, on every other lamppost, every building, every other tree in every park… then we will without question simultaneously see all hell breaking loose around the world, apart from anything else to justify the immediate implementation of the surveillance state. For one thing, if it’s revealed that cellphones definitely cause cancer, that is the end of your telecoms industry as you know it; and the global economy, jittery at best, will crash immediately. This cannot be allowed to happen. And every deception and diversion in the book can be expected, literally up to the level of world war, to keep the population of the world ignorant of the hazards of masts and zombified with wireless technology.

So I do not lightly make these public accusations against the New York Times and its senior science reporter. I challenge Mr William Broad once again to address the scientific evidence about cellphone masts that I presented him. There have been 24 studies on masts carried out worldwide. All 24 of them report a consistent pattern of ill health, including significantly raised cancer rates. Just one of these studies, the only one conducted in the U.K., claims not to find a pattern; but in fact it shows clearly increased childhood leukaemia rates at intermediate distances from masts, where the radiation is often highest. Childhood leukaemia is the one symptom of power line radiation that the authorities have never managed to cover up completely, so it is not so surprising to find it occurring with masts.

The scientific research on masts is thus 100% unanimous: mobile phone base stations and masts constitute a health risk. Such an absolute scientific consensus is very rare. Yet WHO will tell you today that there is “no evidence” of harm from masts and this will faithfully be repeated by the mass media. These outright lies now have to be brought to an end, no matter what the consequences are, no matter that the global economy crashes and the world goes up in flames. The journalists who have peddled these lies for decades need to be exposed, named, shamed, dismissed, and ultimately prosecuted for their role in the greatest genocide the world has ever known. In 1989, William Broad described the idea that radio waves could cause cancer was like “asserting the earthly presence of space aliens.” The pandemic of birth deformities that is about to engulf the world may cause him to rue these words.

I cannot conclude this article without saying that while the NTP study deserves to be properly reported, the most complete analysis I’ve seen of it, by Dr Arthur Firstenberg MD, shows that it was an extremely poorly designed and executed exercise, with multiple issues, including conflicts of interest in that the entire test facility was designed, maintained and monitored by the telecoms industry. However, Dr Firstenberg’s overall conclusion is the following:

Despite this being a poorly designed study it is evidence that RF radiation, at all exposure levels, causes cancer. Not just a tiny number of schwannomas of the heart, but large numbers of all types of cancer. There is no basis on which to conclude that the schwannomas were caused by RF radiation but the other tumors were not.

Over and again, we radiate rats and make them get ill and die, and then we make up elaborate excuses to ignore the results of the experiment. I would like the sufferings of these poor creatures to mean something this time.

Please check out my sworn statement, it ends with a one-page leaflet we put out, as the Electromagnetic Radiation Research Foundation of South Africa, summarising the existing mast studies. You won’t find this information anywhere else.

Mr William J Broad of the New York Times: you stand as Media Accused Number One. Have you any clever answers this time?