Design, Test, Improve: Repeat!

Hi there from 3DRacers!

In the last month we have been working, together with our manufacturer, on adapting our final design of the Board for production, and being we the perfectionists that we are, we even decided to improve it! (more below)

Also we have refreshed our website, created a discussion forum for our community and rewrote the Arduino code to allow a new range of customizations.

We are also organizing a series of workshops and summer courses for students, that will feature an improved version of our cars:

we have designed a sensor for autonomous driving. And we are organizing an hacking contest for building the best AI.

If you are interested in organizing a programming tournament or a workshop in your country please contact us.

But now go straight to our forum to download the BETA STLs!

Below the full list of the updates:

The new code

Davide rewrote the smartphone app, using the new Unity5 toolkit.

Also he rewrote the Arduino code, packaging it as a Library. With the new version you can easily customize the behavior of your vehicle, and creating a new RC toy would be as easy as this:

For more info, feel free to post on the forum, and in the next week Davide will wrote a post on the new features.

The new Board

The new board will sports 6 Analog and Digital pins (with SPI, and Interrupt pins), so that you can attach your sensors, actuators, and whatever your imagination will tell you. (accelerometer anyone?)

Also, while hacking new toys with the early version of the 3DRacers Pilot Boards, we figured out that debugging Bluetooth connectivity problems is hard.

So we added a Logic Enhanced Debug™ device (ie: a blue led).

This will tell you if the connection is ok, so that you have to worry only about your code.

3DRacers Pilot 1.4.5

A bit of structure

In the last month we also restructured our company, closed our UK Ltd in favor of an easier to use Italian company, redesigned our site and forum, so to allows for easier updates to our loyal customers about our new products and things related to 3DRacers. You should expect frequent updates as a result.

The next moves

Yes, we decided to re-do the design to allows for shields and other nice things, and now with your standard 3DRacers you’ll receive a full-fledged Arduino with wheels. Cool.

However, we couldn't resists to improve it even further, and we are already working on the 2.0 version of the board!

The new board will be even easier to use, with a second servo plug, improved battery plug, and better and sturdier shields with a double row of pins!

What do you think about this version? Let us know on the forum!

3DRacers Pilot V2.0

I know that this could scary someone, “What, you haven’t shipped the first version yet, and you are already working on the next version?”

In fact we are actually producing a limited batch of both of the boards, so let us know what you’ll prefer to receive for your BETA pledge!

3DRacers is the first 3DPrinted Smatphone Controlled Racing game, funded on Indiegogo. More info.

Author: Marco D’Alia
Founder @ 3DRacers, the first 3D Printed, smartphone-controlled racing game. User editable and produced with distributed manufacturing.

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