Production of the first Test Batch started

Hi all,
this week has been quite a busy one, and Itead has started the production of the first test batch of the boards: a small-scale production of the boards to check the design for mass-production problems.

They found some problems but they quickly fixed it, and now they’ll do another round and will ship the boards with the complete kits and packaging to Italy so that I can do a final check of the finished product.

I think we’ll complete this phase by the next week, and then the full production will start, we are really close!

Car model creation kit

As anticipated, we have released a 3D model creation kit, that will ease the process of creating your unique car design.

We have published it in Tinkercad, a nice and free web-based modeling tool that support CSG modelling (Costructive Solid Geometry). With this tool you can quickly replace the predefined car model with your own, and all the holes and support structures will be automatically applied.

Oh and while we were at it, we made the Muscle Car Dynamic model, feel free to try and 3D print it!

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