Solar Sustainability: What’s Next?

The Momentum

As it currently stands, solar sustainability systems only make up about 1% of the world’s energy production, while harmful fossil fuels still make up a remarkable 83%! However, many scientists and experts in the energy business foresee that in 2035, 80% of the world’s energy needs will be provided by green energy sources. While solar energy has been an underdog energy source since its inception, it appears that it finally has the momentum it deserves, as the technology continues to evolve, becoming more powerful and inexpensive than ever before. As large corporations start to turn to green energy, individuals will follow.

An Economic Solution

In the past, one of the reasons that solar sustainability systems weren’t implemented en masse, is because it was simply easier and more affordable to use coal. Now all of that is changing. As coal resources become scarcer and solar technologies become increasingly more efficient and cost-effective, solar is no longer just the environmentally conscious choice, but the smart economic solution too. That is because for the first time in solar’s history, it has become cheaper than coal.

That is right, the lifetime cost per kilowatt with solar was once $76 a watt! Now the cost has been substantially reduced to only .30, lower than even coal. As the graphic below depicts, that is a trend that is only likely to continue.

Where We Are Headed

According to a wealth of information and statistics, it appears that solar energy is only going to get increasingly more prolific as time goes on. That is because the manufacturing and installation costs of solar panels continue to go down, while the efficiency of the systems continue to increase. In fact, according to a study conducted at MIT, that capacity of PhotoVoltaic or (PV) systems has doubled every two years. It is believed that if solar technology continues to advance at its current rate, solar panels would be capable of providing the entire world’s energy needs in only a decade. Increasing production and demand of solar panels lines up with this belief as well.

A Simple Solution

Getting on board the solar sustainability express has never been a more viable option than it is today. From the advancements of the technology, to the dwindling supplies of fossil fuels, to the tax incentives installed by the government, solar energy is the simple solution. That is why if you are looking to make a smart investment in your future and switch to a solar system, you should go with the experienced professionals.

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