It Took Me 8 Years To Get Over My Death
Michelle Matthews

Good story, thanks for sharing!

I know what you mean on not wanting to come back….from the place you found peace.

I skipped out from heatstroke:

Went from running all out midway into a 10K and I just passed out. From 3rd overall to a pile on the ground. I would have died had I not been right next to a hospital.

What I remember was clarity. I was unconscious, but I remember everything. I saw everything, the grass was alive, there was no pain. Stage 2 was me coming around but not all the way, so I was fighting everyone. After hours in an ice tub, and 2 ivs in each arm, and a catheter.

I remember when I finally came around, like settled back inside, I thought my teeth were broken, or jaw because it just didn’t feel right. Like it wasn’t lined up. Felt like everything was off or wrong. I couldn’t remember if I was married. I thought I was but couldn’t be sure. I was.

I concluded that what I had experienced was I had escaped from my body. Upon re-entry I realized how much this body sucks, how crude, how limiting, and how much we focus on it. How the ego runs 99% of our thoughts and actions and how an escape from it can be a life changing event.

Thanks again for reminding me there is more than us.