ThreeD Materials​ recently announced that it will be expanding its business from basic 3d printing materials and educational consulting to include industrial strength polymers for additive manufacturing.

“When we started this company years ago, the primary emphasis was serving the needs of our customers in the educational sector. The goal was to ensure that teachers and students had the tools they needed to successfully leverage 3d printing for their learning needs. …

We’re always looking for ways to make it easy for people to use 3d printing. And while this year, lots of people are interested in the Belgian chocolatier 3d printing delicious, beautiful chocolates for Easter, chances are you’re not going to get your hands on them before Sunday.

So, how about some fun Easter themed 3d prints you can make in a couple of hours Friday night or Saturday, to liven up Easter Sunday?! Our favorite 3 are below for you.

Happy Easter from ThreeD Materials.

  1. Easter Bunnies That Hold Your Large Chocolate Easter Eggs

2. A Semi Cute, Semi Creepy Cookie Cutter Shaped Like the Easter Bunny

Boeing announced earlier this week that they’ll be installing the first 3d printed parts included in Dreamliner aircraft, in a bid to reduce the production cost of their largest commercial jet by millions of dollars.

The Chicago based airplane giant has been looking for ways to bring down the cost of the Dreamliner, and is partnering with Norwegian based Norsk Titanium AS to produce 4 different 787 parts that will be made entirely with 3d printing, as opposed to traditional machining methods.

“This means $2 million to $3 million in savings for each Dreamliner, at least,” Chip Yates, Norsk Titanium’s…

In order to test new designs for it’s Formula One race car in real-time, McLaren’s team will be bringing a Stratasys 3d printer to the track this weekend in Bahrain.

The team wants to create parts such as rear wing flaps, hydraulic lines, brake cooling ducts and radio cables that in can test at the grand prix track quickly, to decide if they’ve found an advantage or not with their new designs.

“We are consistently modifying and improving our Formula 1 car designs, so the ability to test new designs quickly is critical to making the car lighter and more…

If you’re looking for proof that 3d printing can offer large scale production runs, look no further.

Adidas announced this morning it will make 100,000 of its futurecraft sneaker using 3d printing technology from a company called Carbon, which specializes in using liquid polymer resins.

“This is a milestone not only for us as a company but also for the industry,” Adidas’ Gerd Manz told Reuters. “We’ve cracked some of the boundaries.”

Nike, Under Armour and Adidas have all used 3d printing to create prototypes for sneakers as well as limited edition releases, however this will be the first attempt…

Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker 3 Extended

The largest network of 3d printers in the world is 3D Hubs, an Amsterdam based company that matches anybody who wants to 3d print things with owners of 3d printers.

Now, with over 7,000 3d printing services on its platform, 3D Hubs offers unique insights into the most owned, the fastest growing and the most liked 3d printers around the globe. We take a dive into their 2nd quarter report which was just released.

Our favorite section to look at each month is the “Trending Printers”, which shows us which desktop 3d printers are growing at the fastest rate inside…

Last season, Corey Kluber won a career high 18 games for the Cleveland Indians as they made it all the way to the World Series.

In another career first for the 30 year old right hander, Kluber unveiled Major League Baseball’s first 3d printed cleat plate on Monday night against the Texas Rangers.

New Balance, which makes the baseball cleats for Kluber, ran an analysis on the points of Kluber’s foot which see the most force put on it when the right hander deals. …

We don’t cover 3d printed food all that much because overall, we’ve found that there’s a lot of hype but not a whole lot of substance.

There is however a company in Beijing working on creating a useful technology that will 3d print your breakfast, using ingredients tailor made to people’s nutritional needs and they’re quite ambitious.

“There are so many possibilities we can do with this technology. The 3D printing technology itself, in fact, is very simple. If we want to build the machine, it’s not too hard to put the pieces and coding together. …

Two MIT grads have launched the country’s first in store experience that will fully 3d print a men’s jacket.

Male customers can walk into their Ministry of Supply store in Boston and have a comfortable, customized blazer 3d printed for them in about one hour. And this won’t be your average, stiff, department store blazer.

“We’re the first generation going to work that grew up [wearing] Nike dry-fit, Under Armour and [all of these] performance technology brands that we take for granted now,” Aman Advani, a co-founder of the brand said recently. …

A pop up shop in Midtown Manhattan is taking a direct shot at the current supply chains of large furniture makers all over the world.

A 3d printer runs in the back of the store, creating customized furniture pieces for customers that walked into the store to speak with on-site designers less than a day prior. Soon, customers will be able to submit their furniture orders from anywhere on the planet, and have those pieces made in less than 24 hours at one of Print the Future’s locations.

“I grew up watching Doctor Who, and what we’re talking about is…

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Finding ways to make it easier for people, schools and businesses to use 3d printing tech.

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