Pray for Kodak Black: Guilty of false branding or guilty of being a head case?

As if things couldn’t take another turn for the worse, it did. Kodak black has already been arrested on several accounts of felonies in the past. In 2015 Black arrested on robbery, assault, and other charges. In 2016 Kodak Black had a Kodak moment when he was selected for the XXL freshmen class cover. Unfortunately 2016 was just as much as curse as it was a blessing for the young man. Now lets snap back to present day. Just when you thought Kodak was getting his young heralded life back together, this happened.

In the famous words of DJ Khaled, another one! I’m just praying that his hashtag don’t turn into a t-shirt. His trouble with the law has been incredibly well documented by many media outlets and many looking in from the outside. YouTube and Google is infested with news feed about this young bull. Its seems like everyone is trying to get there best shots in, at and towards him. The late great deceased Luther Vandross put this in the best words possible, if it ain’t one thing its another.

I don’t know if its the law with their hands in his ass using him as one of their many marionette puppets on their villainous stage or he actually killed cock robin. Considering that most so-called powerhouse sources of organized news nowadays has surprisingly leveled up from their already super saiyan mode of their monopolized faulty antics who could honestly know for sure? Is it better to stay informed or stay uninformed at this point of humanity?

I like Kodak Black. I love his music. He is extremely talented. He is a pop cultural phenom.

God Bless Kodak Black.

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