10 Conundrums for People who Work at Home

Nothing beats working in slippers
  1. Working in PJs=best thing ever OR the reason your kids/your kids’ teachers/your in-laws/the mailman all think you do nothing all day?
  2. Facebook=office water cooler equivalent providing much needed social interaction OR the MOAB to your productivity?
  3. Microwaved soup=convenient, healthy lunch for #WAH people OR the most effective way to remove a swath of skin from the roof of your mouth?
  4. Robocall telemarketers=pure evil OR…pure evil? (While we’re on the subject…Phone=friend or foe? Jury’s still out for me.)
  5. Email=best invention ever, WAH Mother’s Little Helper, and the reason you can even run a business from home (or your child’s hockey practice, thank goodness for WiFi) OR more addictive than crack cocaine and more persistent than a 4-year-old with “something to show you.”
  6. Kids at home while you work=a great use of your flexibility OR a surefire way to get DCYF to your doorstep? (Brings new meaning to the phrase “hostile work environment.”)
  7. Volunteering at school/PTA =a nice bonus to having work flexibility OR your new (unpaid) job if you’re not careful about setting boundaries right from the start.
  8. Sick days=very easy to take, self care is important! OR just like regular days, only with more bodily fluids.
  9. Dinner=gourmet on the table at 5pm every night because you’re home to cook OR “anything I can throw in the crockpot, Mom’s on deadline.”
  10. Meetings=a great way to connect and share ideas on a project OR a total waste of showering, putting on makeup and nice clothes, getting in a car, and leaving your office? (You could have finished the project in that amount of time and never even touched the blow dryer!)

Bonus item: Relatives visiting=Yay! Free babysitting or OH MY GOD I WILL NEVER GET ANYTHING DONE GO AWAY EVERYONE NOW.