New Version of 3asyR For Websites

3asyR has launched a special new version for websites either educational and editorial or corporal. The tool offers more options and customization for each user and it will make their reading experience even more easy and fun. To use the tool the user will find it at the site where there will appear the 3asyR logo with the menu. By clicking the logo the settings will appear. The readers then can choose the underline option, the font, the font size (18–24) and the highlighting color (15 dyslexic friendly colors). Additionally, the reader can click the sound button to activate the Text to Speech option as well as the voice you prefer. After saving the settings, they can go to the text they want to read and with only one click they will see the paragraph transformed based on their options, as they move the mouse right. In case they have enabled the Text to Speech option, after they have marked the sentence or paragraph that they want to read, the sound button will appear at the end of the marked text and they click it to hear the text.

If your company, editorial organisation or educational institution is interested to have 3asyR for websites, in order to encourage and provide people with dyslexia and other kinds of reading disabilities with the right means to read and learn, you can contact us at our e-mail to get an offer.

You can check the tutorial here:

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