Coffee at night

I am too rushed most mornings to “enjoy” a cup of coffee. On a few occassions recently, I’ve chosen to have that morning cuppa, in the evening. It can be enjoyed with friends chatting about the day. It can be enjoyed alone or while reading. Of course, for me it needs to be “decaf” but the point is that to kick back and enjoy a warm soothing drink (ok so I will do tea and hot chocolate as well as coffee), feels like a good thing. Coffee at night doesn’t have the rush and urgency of the cup you have to have first thing in the morning. You can taste what you’re drinking.

The guy sitting outside on the coffee house patio is reading. I’m not sure if he is waiting for anyone, but it does look like he is having a good time.

In the morning, the cup of coffee is part of the get ready to work ritual, part of the armoring and ordering that one must do to go into battle. But this cup at night, has its own special flavors: easy banter with the barristas who are not hurrying to meet the demandsof the long line of people waiting impatiently in line. From this place of mellow, the days accomplishments are more important than all of the things have yet to be done. It’s not like tonight is going to be easy or simple or fun, but I have done something for me. Its dessert before dinner.