Virtual Spaces: The Future of Business, Education, and Entertainment

Virtual Spaces: The Future of Business, Education, and Entertainment
Virtual Spaces: The Future of Business, Education, and Entertainment

Virtual reality (VR) technology has come a long way over the past few years. From being solely integrated into games, now it is possible to create workable virtual spaces that organizations and individuals can effectively use.

Such innovations have paved the way for myriads of opportunities, and we’re seeing a trend where virtual spaces can be a good alternative for the future of business, education, and entertainment. How is it so?

The Benefits of VR Spaces

For Startup Businesses

Perhaps the most practical use of VR spaces is in the business industry. For startups, in particular, finding and funding a physical space to lease might be too much of an overhead cost and may not be ideal for those whose teams are located overseas. A more practical solution would be to have an office space in virtual reality instead.

A VR office space takes remote work to the next level: team members use a VR headset and log into the VR office via an app. They are then immersed in a simulated virtual office, where it’s easier to collaborate in real-time. Such a solution also eliminates the time-consuming rigors of daily commutes, which is a big plus for employees.

For Education

The field of education can do so much with VR technology, from virtual classrooms, virtual field trips, to immersive learning content.

This can be a feasible solution for schools offering online courses to students across the globe.

Virtual classrooms can be a great tool for language learning, among many others, where learners can immerse themselves in a virtual space and interact with other students from around the world as computer-generated avatars.

Schools that simply want to enhance the quality of their current curriculum can also benefit greatly from VR technology. Medical students and practitioners, for example, can view clearer, high-resolution 3D images thanks to VR.

The University of Concordia has, in fact, been working on an AR/VR simulation project to offer digital labs, digital internships, and more as a cost-effective approach to experiential learning.

For Entertainment

A key theme for most of the benefits of VR tech in certain settings is its ability to offer immersive socialization even from great distances.

Through VR technology, entertainers can create virtual entertainment venues such as a club, a concert area, and an arcade — all in the realm of virtual reality, where they can host concerts and social events.

Musicians, for example, can make use of this opportunity to perform online through virtual concerts.

Businesses and schools can also make use of virtual trade shows to showcase their products and services, as well as for career trade fairs. Artists, in particular, can host virtual galleries to exhibit and sell their virtual reality artwork.

All these offer a lucrative and cost-effective opportunity for entertainers and artists to market their work and meet people around the world, all without having to rent a physical place that’s big enough (and expensive) to host such a huge gathering.

VR Development for Businesses, Schools, and Entertainers

As VR goes mainstream and VR headsets become increasingly accessible, it’s not at all impossible to have all these and more come into reality.

Tech companies like 3D1go also offer VR development services to help you create whatever virtual worlds you wish — be it a virtual office, classroom, club, concert area, art gallery, and more.

Here are examples of our work for languagelovr, a virtual language environment based in Taiwan:

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