We don’t need to teach our kids to code, we need to teach them how to dream
Tom Goodwin


That is a very thoughtful article. I have also been thinking along these lines over the past few decades. In addition to your five key skills, I offer a sixth skill that will allow our next generation to achieve the five you mentioned. This skill isn’t really coding as you suggest, but rather it is skill that will empower the next generation to thrive in this increasingly complex world.

The sixth skill is the ability to work with data. Our kids need to be able to acquire data, quantitatively work with it, comprehend it, visualize it and use it allow them to express their creativity and to be innovative. Coding isn’t necessarily a part of this, but being quantitative is necessary.

Over the past four years, I have been writing a technical blog about the value of data and how it is transforming our lives and the lives of our kids. I have found that in the past year, I have become more philosophical about the future, with article titles like these:

In my 50+ years of living life, I have experienced and comprehended a quantum shift in how we need to prepare our kids for the future. Solving problems with data is a key initiative and one that I see becoming increasingly important.

Thanks for your thoughtful article. I understand the passion you have for it.