A huge digital divide exists between those that can access and use crypto assets, and those that cannot. The entry barrier is very high for new adopters who wish to buy their first crypto assets. The overall complexity of blockchain technology is followed by lack of technical understanding which greatly impedes adoption rates in the crypto ecosystem.

It is common knowledge that the crypto market does not assign enough resources to customer service and reward systems for traders that hold up the digital economy through their activities. This places high tension on account fidelity, resolution of technical issues, and communication with platform administrators. Also, information and process flow across crypto currency communities have a high chance of fragmentation, manipulation, and poor community engagement models which create a flawed system that can be exploited.

At 3DAX, we are passionate about helping rookies and experts control their own crypto assets. Doing that effectively requires providing them with access to the latest and most reliable information, data, and research and customer relations experience. Even though we often hear that accessing information on crypto space is both reliable and free, this is one of the most challenging issues, particularly for new comers.

3DAX is a hybrid solution that provides a streamlined trading process through a simplified and intuitive interface which is strategically tokenized for a more coordinated and rewarding experience. 3DAX expands the horizons of what a digital asset exchange can be. In doing this 3DAX offers a concise and simplified portal for investors to strategically identify and buy crypto currencies, bringing together standard blockchain organizations and enthusiastic investors to share ideas and values. In doing so, it creates a dynamic community that continuously explores and fuels blockchain innovation.