5 Tools I Use To Manage My Photography Business

When I first started my business I didn’t have any systems in place for managing my clients, my income or expenditure or what was on my to-do list.

That was fine when I only had one or two things on at any one time, but it soon became a mess. I hate to admit it, but it all came to ahead when I missed an important client appointment.

Luckily, it wasn’t a major photo shoot but it was still very embarrassing, not to mention damaging for my reputation.

Since then I have continued to adopt more tools and processes to help me manage my business better.

Today I am sharing some of the tools I use to manage my photography business.



This one is a bit of a no brainer, but for anyone who doesn’t have a fixed office or address it is impossible to do business without your phone.

It can be hard to separate work life from family life, but if you set some boundaries around when and how you will respond to the constant “ping” of messages on your phone this is one tool you can’t do without.



Promoting my business is a key part of what I do each and every day. The best platform, in my opinion, for photographers is Instagram.

The audience there love to see new and interesting pictures and as a photographer you can let the camera do the talking, rather than trying to craft a message or post on another social network.

I try and mix things up by sharing photos from my personal collection with photos of clients (once I have their approval to share of course)

Task Pigeon


This is a free task management tool that I only just stumbled across, but it has quickly become a key part of my day to day schedule.

Essentially, it’s a task management application that lets me create and track everything on my to do list. What I like about it though is just how simple and easy it is to use. Everything you need is right there on the one screen and it certain beats writing everything down on scraps of paper.

I use categories to manage each aspect of my business. For example I have categories set up to track tasks for client proposals, clients I have booked, post production work, etc.



While Instagram is my social channel of choice I still keep up a presence elsewhere on the social web.

Unfortunately finding time to login and post new and interesting content is always a challenge so I use a tool that I was actually recommended by another photographer friend called MeetEdgar.

Essentially it lets you create a schedule posts to go out on a schedule for you. It also recycles your best content over and over again. If I didn’t use this, I would only post about 10% of the time I actually do, so its been very handy.



If you thought my to do list was a mess, then you hadn’t seen my books. I pulled the plug and got Xero as well as a freelance bookkeeper for a few hours a week to keep on top of the finances.

Its definitely not my strong suit so I’m glad I have someone who can do most of it for me. Plus I’m hopeful it will make tax time 10x less stressful.

Are there any other tools you have found handy when it comes to managing your photography business? I’m always on the lookout for things to improve how I work so be sure to let me know.