Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud Overview

Adobe is a leading software provider in the digital design and photography place. One of there key products is Lightroom Creative Cloud which is an online image editing software suit that comes with 1TB of cloud storage and the ability to organize your photos with keywords that are automatically applied to your photos.

Adobe Lightroom CC ban be utilized by both amateur and professional photographers and is designed to provide easy editing no matter where you are located. For example Adobe Lightroom CC includes easy to use sliders and filters so that you can make quick adjustments to your photo.

As a cloud platform you can also edit full resolution photos on your mobile, desktop or laptop. This makes it idea for making changes on the go or showcases different designs to current or future clients.

Organizing and managing photos is often an issue for anyone who has ever take one hand a few dozen photos. Tagging or sorting everything manually is time consuming and often gets put in the basket of things to do later.


Adobe aims to fix this with automated keyword tagging. For example type in the work “water” and Adobe Lightroom CC will show you all of your photos that have water in them. In addition Adobe Lightroom also supports Geo-Tagging of locations so that you can easily search by Country, City or Suburb names.

Another important aspect Adobe have integrated into their Lightroom software suit is built in sharing capabilities. There is no point leaving nice photos on your camera, computer or in the cloud.

The sharing features in Adobe allow you to share your photos directly from the platform to social sites such as Facebook and Flickr. It also makes it easy to email them as files/attachments. Finally, there is a nifty slideshow feature that will please people who like to create slideshows around specific events, days or holiday destinations. You can also add much and transitions with ease.

As a final point it is worth noting that buy subscribing to Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud, which starts at only $14 a month you also benefit from their online photography program. This provides you with step by step tutorials so that you can improve your skills as a photographer, and also your understanding and use of Adobe services

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