PIXELO 3D Holographic projection is the thought provoking form of advertising , which works on 3d projection , which does not require any glass to view the object .

It has been one of the remarkable innovation ion the field of advertising , which changes the way of advertising towards the product in the positive way .This technology is getting famous day by day since from its establishment around the globe .

PIXELO holographic projection provides such a beautiful content which floats in the middle of air which gives mesmerizing effect to audience about the product .

RIVOX technologies has been working in the field of holographic projection from the last 12 years & giving the experience of a stunning 3d holographic display in india. It is one of the finest company in india which is providing wide range of 3d projection according to the requirement of the person.

RIVOX supplies 3D HOLOGRAPHIC DISPLAY in international markets as well as national markets .It has been selling pixelos in major city like DELHI,MUMBAI,KOLKATA ,AHMEDABAD , AMRITSAR , CHENNAI , SHIMLA,BHOPAL ,JAIPUR etc.

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