Every product goes from different stages ,from its manufacturing to its dispatching & finally reaching to its ends user .

These have many roles followed for this process , one of those process is advertising .

It is very easy for a company to manafacture something ,but it is complex for them to establish in the market .

Company use various means of advertising to gather people for the product .one of those advertising techniquies is holography which is gaining lot of attention around the globe this days .

companies used 3d hologram display to launch there product in order to get good response among the audience .it hypnotice the audience to look into screen which projects the 3 dimensentional effect of the content .

PIXELO -HOLOGRAPHIC DISPLAY which produce & sell by rivox technologies provide wide varieties of holographic projection display . RIVOX provide PIXELO on rent to according to the requirement of the people . It is available in different variant also as per the requirement of the audience.

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