In the simple word hologram means to recording of photographic content through the means of light field of image formed by lens .

3D Holographic technology displays the three dimensional effect of the content which is displayed or projected to the audience does not require any special glasses to view the content . It works on the special technique which was introduced in england in the late 1900’s which is well knows as “pepper ghost”as from a name it shows that the content which this projection displays float in the air & it looks invisible due to the 3 dimensional technology

PIXELO HOLOGRAPHIC DISPLAY is manufactured and sold by RIVOXTECHNOLOGIES .It is the ahmedabad (gujarat) india based company which has been in the service from the last 12 years .It has made amazing variant of PIXELO HOLOGRAPHIC DISPLAY according to the requirement of the people

RIVOX provide its service in many countries as well as in india . It sells PIXELO 3d HOLOGRAPHIC PROJECTION in cities like ahmedabad, mumbai, chennai, bengaluru, bopal, jaipur , delhi , nagpur , ajmer, faridabad, lucknow, agra , orissa etc

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