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pixelo hologram technology which is giving such a amazing experience in the field of advertising ,more than anyone has imagined .this technology provides the 3 dimensional content to the audience which is new of its kind.this 3 dimensional technology works without glasses , it is easy to use and economical .

this technology is based on the unique concept of “pepper ghost” which provide the display of product to the viewer in such a way that it is completely curious about the product.

this technology tries to satisfy the requirement of audience for the product by giving complete description about the product in the attractive manner and

various size according to the requirement of audience . RIVOX technology which has its head office in AHMEDABAD {guj} india .PIXELO holographic display is available in on rent too technologies provides PIXELO holographic displays unimaginable way .

RIVOX technologies is the official craftsman of PIXELO holographic. It has been one of the famous company in the field of holographic projection technology .