PIXELO -holographic technology

Holography is a science which is used to make hologram .Hologram technology is used to provide 3 dimensional image to the user without the use of any glass.

3d holographic projectors basically projects content on the light field which makes the content floats on the air ,which amaze the viewers very much &they tentatively watch the projection

3d projection technology has completely change the experience of advertising in the modern era &it will take it to the next level .

RIVOX technologies is the official manufacture & supplier of PIXELOhologram product display in gujarat , ahmedabad {india} . it has been providing holographic projection in various size according to the needs of customers

pixelo -holographic display is used in many areas to represent product in the better way .it provide the content of product high definition ,which helps to give detail description of the product .

RIVOX is providing services in many states and country like rajasthan, gujarat , delhi, haryana,orissa , madhya pradesh etc.

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