Television is one of the main source to introduce anything new3 in the market . It is the best means which is used to give proper information and make that thing understandable better to the audience .

3D Holographic display has replaced the Television or projectors which are used to describe product or presentation among the audience .

3d HOLOGRAPHIC display convert the content into 3 dimensional effect , which is makes the product completely real .It is the best means of marketing and communicating the product with the audience .

3d HOLOGRAPHIC display provide the best experience to its user to understand the product in very detail which is possible because of this 3d technology .

PIXELO- 3d holographic display is which the product of RIVOX is gaining lot of attention among the people.

PIXELO 3d display provide the 3d dimensional effect of the content and one of the speciality of the Display is that the product projects on display floats in the middle of air which amaze the audience .

This Display shows the creativity of company among audience bec now a days people doesn’t like to see the picture on hoarding or 2 dimensional image , they want something which entertain them .

RIVOX is one of the famous brand which is manufacturing and involve in the distribution of pixelo display in india and all over the world .

PIXELO is sold in some of the cities like Delhi , Mumbai, Chennai , Kolkata etc