The Akiru Warriors

“if you can dream it, you can do it”- Walt Disney.

This is a quote I always carry with me. It always keeps me motivated and going. But accomplishing a dream independently, with no help from friends/ teams who are always available and ready to provide a shoulder to lean on in times of need,people who will always be there to share your burdens is somewhat to an extent impossible.this is because when one works alone, they can do so little compared to when they work as a team.

This is where the Akiru Warriors step in. the Akiru Warriors is a group of seven brilliant people. am so privileged to be a part of this amazing team, and in a team, there is always diversity. there will always be a team member who will always be the problem solver, one who will bring happiness

Ronnie will always inquire whether you have encountered any problem during work in progress. And if the above is true, he will always find a suitable solution to your problem and for sure, the solution cancels out the problem in just minutes. Not only will he provide a solution, but he will also inquire whether the solution has solved the problem.

Mahlon is always happy and keeps a positive energy towards all he is trying to accomplish. In case you need encouragement, he is the right person to bump into.

Hozea is always amazing at what he does. he is a person you can look up to and feel inspired and motivated.

For a team to succeed, they need a person who is always there to oversee progress, give feedback on the work the team has so far done. The warriors are privileged to have an LF/LFA @George. The day we got him as our LF, he was able to review our work and provide feedback in a short time.

Am happy to be part of this team