The Journey….

We are so far two weeks deep into our journey to becoming world-class developers and leaders. currently, we are working on our first challenge which is to build a product ‘My Diary’ which is an online journal where users can pen down their thoughts and feelings. we are required to create UI(User Interface) templates where users could create accounts, log in and view entries and also be able to modify them. Before starting on the challenge, I was required to break it down into small tasks. I was required to use a project management tool “Pivotal Tracker”. luckily one of the learning facilitators had shown us how to use it. I was able to create an account with the pivotal tracker and filled in the tasks. I was also required to create a repository with “Git hub”. git hub helps in storing of source code of software projects and also provides a platform for discussion.

I was able to complete some of the tasks and I was required to push the files to the repository in git hub. Truth be told till now Git is like Spanish to me. Git is a version control system, a tool which is used to manage source code history. I totally had no idea how to send my work to the repository. I had to ask one of my learning facilitators to help. with his help, I was able to push my files to my repo.
On Friday 24th August. we were invited to Andela for a leadership session, where the country coordinator, Jackie Ochola gave us a talk about her journey to being a great leader(Manager) and to Andela. During the talk, I picked that EXCELLENCE is A HABIT. I also learned that every little step that happens in your life is preparing you for a BIG opportunity.

After all those sweet words. we were able to meet our LFs, we had to share with them on how far we had gone with the challenge. on whether we had any difficulties as we were carrying out the tasks. They were also able to share with us some resources to help us complete our tasks.