Genesis 5

This chapter starts out with the sacred and beautiful establishment of marriage. Adam for Eve and Eve for Adam. We can look at marriage as a 3 fold binding.

  1. Biological — The 2 shall become one flesh
  2. Social — 2 families grafted together. I have recently experienced this as I just gained a son in law within the last year. Some of my best times lately have been just getting to be together with Mitch, Olivia, Byron, Kim and Dennis. What a blessing. God put us all together when the kids became one flesh and we have been gleaning the benefits ever since.
  3. Spiritual — Marriage is a picture of Christ and his Church. Oh sweet friends, when the music plays and I walk down that aisle to my Lord and Savior!!!!! What a day that will be!!!

The rest of this chapter is genealogies. Most of the time we skip this. I just think that in this particular genealogy we should note that Enoch walked with God and he was spared from death. I have always thought — -oh man that is so cool. It is more than cool people!!!! Think of this as God’s picture of His power over death!! And the connection for us is that his victory is our victory!!! Let that sink in.