Genesis 6

At this point in time we see that the human race divides into two lines of people. The line of Seth (because Able was killed Seth symbolically took his place)and the line of Cain. The two brothers then become a representation of good and evil. The breakout of evil came when the sons of God got with the daughters of men. There are 3 basic theories of who the sons of God were.

  1. Some say they were fallen angels as in Job1:6.
  2. Some say they were men from Cains line who took the daughters from Seth's line.
  3. Some say they were early pagan Kings. Ps. 82:6 calls kings sons of God.

We won’t know the real answer until we get to heaven. Don’t get caught up in those details just get caught up in the fact that they married outside of God’s will. This is a disaster. Sin was running wild. God was sorry he made man. Because of this he decided to destroy the earth. I think the thing that touches my life here is that he waited 120 years to do it. He was waiting so that hopefully men would see the error of their ways and turn back to Him. What a merciful God we serve. He is always assuming the best of us and hoping that we will come back to him. If you feel guilty for drifting away from the Lord that feeling is great. It means that you are his child and he is calling to you. He is eagerly longing for you to return to his feet and be fed. I encourage you to move back toward Him. Let him take you in His arms, hug your neck and love you up!!