yo, wtf is lacuna?!?


it’s like the love letter i tried to write, ended up sort of sucking, then i just lit it on fire, and kind of tried to read it before someone told me that the sprinklerz are on but moreso that i should probably, like, not do that. but, i already kindof did?


fuck, get to know more, let’s talk, talk, TALK. fuck, it’s a struggle. for sure, it’s also slice(z) of heaven (i remember this one time my brother was on his way to mexico, he was hocking frozen pizzaz named “slice of heaven”).



yes (tada!), there it is, nestled between empty lacunae. i’ve been talking about how this is my first foray into curating thingz. and a lot of it came from excitement from being at the month of performance art — berlin platform (festival). okay so that is all to say curation is, in a way, a newish thing for me. however it seems great to both have empty space for performance art work as well as proving (empty) space for performance art work. in north portland oregon. i will take care for (and of) performance art(ists).


this is a reboot of series (once at david’s house) picked up from a similar event format happening in san francisco: (godwaffle noise pancakes at the lab) weird sound performance and a small pancake making operation all happening at noon on a sunday. i’ve been to (and performed at) a few of these eventz in sf and always enjoyed the energy and, well, weirdness. wtf is weird? wtf is experimental? wtf is noise? wtf is energy? i think there’s fragmentz of reasonable determinationz to each question.




so ax (xnor) and jmej who i know by way of the free and open source software: puredata as well as the local dorkbot community (and like a ton of other stuff). anyhow, both ax & jmej are into turning a suitcase into a modular euro rack for various modules. ax has attached light switches to a pedal. there was a lot of mescal up grab the night before. there’s no table but rather, a blanket. ax held down a bunch of bass range, jmej used the high pitch buttonz. it felt harmonious. rhythm happened increasingly so, until ax flipped the power switch.


so twon (nathanael thayer moss) makes a lot of paintingz. but also has a bunch of rad electronic gear as well as a well versed ear. on sunday twon brought an analog tv, some pedals, a computer, a drum machine, a korg volca, a table, and a bass amp. twon played some recordings which included some train samples. after some more pancakez were made twon played & mixed some things through the various sound making devices. i really noticed and became aware of high frequencies. there was a lot of filtering and high pitched sounds, like the ones that can change when you move your head/body (but i guess all soundz do?).

and breedx (jason plumb) brought over a bunch of scrapz of metal and wood. drilled some of them together to make a sort of structure to hang some metal pipe scrapz, a cardboard square with a + sign painted on it. this would later become a mechanical advantage to capturing the sound of baseballz getting thrown at such metal scrapz. there was a mic & stand setup to capture, brian checked the mic with finger tapping. there also a table with some gear: a mixer, a usb/midi knob bay, and a hand-built computer/pelican-case/lcd brain. infiltration lab was mono, through a spiral cable, and with a very high/noisy “hardnoise floor”. there was a pipe with a faucet that had a contact mic taped to it, the cable looked like phone wire (brian was wearing a fu-tel t-shirt). while infiltration lab was setting up i learned about the puredata patching being used had some kind of gate wired up the the mic and by using the midi controller was able to capture and mutate grains of recorded sound. i was able to download the patch from github and have a go my self. and that’s pretty cool.

-so, i guess-

i ate the leftover pancakez, sort of reminded me of how in church the priest eatz the leftover jesus-represented-through-waffer. okay. but where from here? well, for lacuna, there’s a handful more noise&pancake showz. then maybe soup? and on another date and time? also, importantly, another performance art series that has yet to form a name. fall/winter, maybe, nice’n functional. it will include people not from portland (like new york!) as well as people FROM portland.

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