Sprint — Google’s approach to UX design

Sprint is a UX design methodology created by 3 former google employees. It focuses on a fast, streamlined process in order to gain early feedback on low fidelity designs in order to avoid wasting time on high fidelity designs that do not produce positive feedback.

The group dynamic is focused around 7 members. A “decider” who is usually a senior member of staff who will oversee the design decisions. A finance expert, a marketing expert, a consumer expert, a tech expert, a designer and a “troublemaker” to play devils advocate and challenge the group dynamic.

The process is broken into 5 days, as follows;

Monday: Make a map and choose a target audience.

Tuesday: Sketch competing ideas individually.

Wednesday: Meet up and share ideas, and decide on the best option (Group driven discussion.

Thursday: The team builds a realistic prototype.

Friday: Test with target customers.

The efficiency of this process is apparent, it eliminates the usual time necessities of customer feedback and streamlines the entire design process to one week. The major benefit being less time required for the project, and eliminating the risk of taking a long period of time to create a prototype and having it being unsuccessful.