The Project

A few years ago my husband brought home a cookbook about cakes; he had been to a conference and heard Warren Brown speak about his transition from lawyer to bakery owner. I thought it was a pretty cool story about following your passion, as I am attempting to reinvent myself in a different career path . At the time I thought it would be fun to bake my way through the country, attempting each recipe in the book, but with two young kids I was more of a brownie-mix-and-go type of baker (assuming the brownies even got baked — we tend to be batter eaters — we roll the dice on the raw eggs thing).

I rediscovered the cookbook recently and was flipping through it with my now 8 year old and mentioned my idea… and realized I now have the perfect baking partners! Emily (8) and Laney (5) were more than enthusiastic, and I rationalized all the cake eating as perhaps a geography lesson? Fractions? For sure this is educational, right? We laid out our ground rules:

  1. We have to bake all the cakes in order, no looking ahead. Much like waiting on a cake to bake, the anticipation is the fun part!
  2. We have to follow each recipe exactly. This rule is mostly for me…I tend to take shortcuts or make omissions to save time or frankly because I’m lazy, but we are going to take our time and enjoy every step of the way.
  3. We have to be open to trying new things like jalapenos and nuts (Laney’s not a fan) — but we can make adjustments on later versions.

So here we go…thanks for coming along!

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