Today is the last day of summer before school starts, perfect for our first cake in the book — whoopie pies! While Emily did not enjoy the smell of molasses (“it smells like baked beans, are you sure this is what we are supposed to do?”), she was very helpful in other ways like lining our pans with parchment paper.

Laney preferred to color on the parchment paper scraps, which of course is helpful too:

Our first batch of little cakes came out a little funky, the book recommends using a 1/4 cup to drop the scoops of dough:

Not pretty but the subsequent rounds looked better once I started using a tablespoon for the batter, and they tasted delicious! The seven minute frosting was my first time making a cooked icing (lots of sugar and egg whites, Emily’s first time separating an egg) and it turned out basically like marshmallow fluff — we were stoked!

I think we did pretty good, and the girls are excited to have whoopie pies in their lunchboxes for the first day of school. Take that Little Debbie!

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