Entrepreneurship blog — Part 2: 3Gloco is for small businesses, what Slack is for multinationals

The second day of the conference (but for us, already the fourth) of our entrepreneurial research began in the company of one of the biggest. Cal Henderson from Slack, a business solution for IT, marketing and the like, a solution that has quickly expanded among users (two-thirds of their users were even in the hall present at the conference — a coincidence?). Cal gave us a quick insight into their mode of operation and growth, and it was here that we found they have quite a few things in common with 3Gloco. A coincidence? :-)

Članek je na voljo tudi v slovenščini TUKAJ.

“If you work in companies with hundreds of employees, it’s far more difficult than if you are working in a small team where the entire team can participate,” he said, revealing, first up, a benefit of startups.

Today, communication is different than it used to be. For example, ten or twenty years ago, we all communicated via e-mail, when talking about online communication. There were no social networks like today, especially not for business purposes. “Today, if you are organizing, say, an evening, socializing with friends, you probably do not send them a mail, but do it through a social network. This has become a trend and an even bigger trend will see business integration, in the same way,” says Henderson. It’s really just the beginning; it may be difficult to suddenly persuade people to stop e-mailing and start messaging within an application. But that’s only true at the beginning, once they start … they can’t stop.

The key to modern ways of communication within companies is that it can be adapted to all types of employees, even in companies that integrate several different sectors, from IT, sales, marketing, recruitment … “ Each area brings together different people and very often communication stops. There is some noise when one group has to communicate with another, and another mode of communication is used in a circle of self-styled collaborators. When we find a solution that is adopted by all groups, we have succeeded. The mode of communication is what makes businesses more successful. Teams work better in an environment where communication is common, more than one-to-one,” adds Henderson.

3Gloco is for small businesses, what Slack is for multinationals

If they had met before, they would have thought that they already knew the 3Gloco platform that came with the December beta edition. Share a deal will enable just that — professionals will not only do the job, but they will connect, coordinate, and talk — in a group! Imagine — and this is the truth! — Today, the biggest companies are buying really cheap tools in order to be able to operate effectively. They try to connect them, but of course it does not happen, unless they again give tens of thousands of euros to create their own platforms. And this is only done by multinationals.

And what is Slack for multinationals today, 3Gloco will be for small businesses tomorrow. Those companies that do not have tens of thousands of euros to create their own solutions, but each month have around 20 euros to get the right solution for their business, all in one place and adjusted in their own language. This is the advantage of 3Gloco in the face of the much bigger Slack.

Testing, testing, testing …

When building a product, such as Slack or 3Gloco, one thing is important — testing and the user experience. Slack has talked with potential users in the development itself, and they also asked their friends to test, just like we did and are doing with 3Gloco. But what is the key difference between us — our development will never stop, we will add new functionalities that will be needed by our users — professionals, all the time. All those who would like to help us with testing can test the 3Gloco clickable, “front end” application HERE.

Another common point regarding the thinking of “Slackers” — the simplicity of using the application. The key to the 3Gloco platform is that it will be easy to use for everyone.

In the end, the message handed to us by Henderson: Before the company begins its processes, the employees will be better off, feeling better in the working environment. Why? Because it will be completely clear what the expectations and tasks are. “Such processes reduce stress, because if there are none, too soon you get too busy, caught up in a cycle, and you stop thinking strategically about where you will be in 3, 6 months, how you will be working, having more clients, and so on. This means getting trapped in a non-productive working process.”

So, communication adapted to modern times and processes that reduce stress are today’s main messages.

Mateja Kegel Kozlevčar, COO

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