What will the platform bring to customers?

Customers on 3GLOCO platforms are end users of services and products that are able to find the best professionals from different areas, all in one place, exactly when they need them. Why spend time researching, and ultimately wasting your time, simply to find out who you can turn to, if you don’t need to?

Članek je na voljo tudi v slovenščini TUKAJ.

A customer can, with an easy-to-use application, gain access to the quality professionals he needs. The platform enables you to search for professionals according to activity, proximity and a coefficient price / quality. This is all determined by final customers who evaluate the finished service and price, thus allowing us to avoid poor choices of different professionals or service providers who do not perform their jobs well.

By providing key benefits such as QUALITY, COMPETITIVE PRICE and SPEED, we are confident that customers will return to the 3GLOCO platform, again and again.

What is waiting for them on the platform?

· An easy to use platform: offers accessibility and ease of use
· Local and global delivery: All one-stop shopping — live and online
· Modern payment methods: with tokens
· Additional earnings: adding new customers and professionals, and promotion

It’s true, the platform will also reward users and professionals who bring new customers, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers — in a simple way.

We believe that loyalty should be rewarded, and in doing so, you can also help your loved ones who may be in a similar situation and need a product or service from a specialist in their profession. And it is not just professionals; customers also strive to get key benefits, like saving time and money.

Who will be on the 3GLOCO platform?

· Car mechanics
· Bakers
· Hairdressers
· Plumbers
· Dressmakers
· Pet stores
· Computer companies
· Taxis and bus operators
· Accountants
· Services (washing machines and other machines)
· Dance schools …

No, that’s not all … that’s just a fraction of what you can imagine. You will find almost everything they offer on the platform, in your or neighboring country, Europe …

Want more information? Visit our website HERE to make sure that 3Gloco’s platform is something you will be happy to use.

When will you be able to start using it? Professionals will be included in the beta version of the platform, which will become available in December this year, and customers will be able to complete their purchases in April 2019 — easily and efficiently!

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