Can They Hear Me? The Storyteller’s Greatest Mistake

It's 5pm.

You just got home from school, you're parents are still at work, and your STUPID older sister has extra curriculars. The TV is all yours.

New "Code Lyoko" episodes come on every week, and you eat up every second of them - and every crumb of the Poptarts from the pantry. You lose yourself in the magical powers and the dramatic events. The mesmerizing colors get you drunk on the fact that kids like you beat the villian every week.

I was that kid. I think we all were at some point. Those cartoons, those comics, those books, those films inspired our dreams. I would not have PICKED UP a sketching pencil had I not been so taken by the world of "Hey Arnold".

Fast forward 10 years. You've been drawing and writing ever since, but now... Social Media has taken off.

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter! Pinterest! Youtube!! Vine!!! Awesome! Now I can share my stories and pictures with the WORLD for free! You proceed to post scripts; you post OCs (read original characters); you post comics.

Oooohhhhh!!! A new follower! 
OHHHHHH snap!!!! Another follower! He makes art too???!!! Yup, I'll follow him back! 
Yesssssirrrr!! Follower number three in the house!! Another artist!

~ Three Hundred Thousand followers later ~

Heh heh heh!
What's up Micah?
I just hit 300,000 followers! (I haven't YET, but bare with me).
Awesome man! Have you ever seen any kids on the street reading your stuff?
Well, not yet... .
You must see, like, pictures of moms crying over your comics!
Well, who's following you?
...Actually it's mostly other artists.
... .

Did I start creating stories so other artists would see them? No, I didn't. I'm super grateful for those who DO engage with my work - artist or no. (Seriously, everybody who's reading this THANK YOU!!!).

But I got into this so I could entertain, inspire, and sooth that kid at home, or that 13 year-old sobbing under the bleachers. I don't need them to be directors, character design enthusiasts, comic lovers, or anything else. I want a human being, without much of an iota of an interest in creating stories, to fall in love with my work.

Did I use social media effectively? Doesn't look like it.

Do I know how to reach that kid getting stuffed in the toilet? No idea.

Well I better figure it out, because that's who this is for.

Micah Markray