Investments in My Future as a #Storyteller

Strange. It’s my niece’s 2nd birthday, my entire immediate family is in the house, and it’s the fourth of July - arguably the biggest holiday in American history - but where am I? Upstairs, at my desk, drawing. Next, I’ll write a blog. Then I’ll eat dinner downstairs...on a couch, separated from my family, considering how to move my personal brand forward. 
Somehow...I’m okay with all of this. In fact, I feel almost...peaceful. 
I wonder if other people would be disgusted by my behavior - by my extreme lack of guilt for what I’m doing. Even if they were, it doesn’t matter. I don’t think there’s a single problem with what I’m doing. At this moment, in this situation, drawing and writing is a greater investment in my present and future happiness than is going downstairs to spend time with the family. 
Now, yes. I should be spending more time building the social aspect of my future, but that’s what work is for. !

That's it! I've been trying to figure out how to make my part-time job less of a drag - no, I want it to feel pleasurable to walk into those doors. I know exactly how I can do it now! First, I can (and do) write while I'm working; many a story has been written as I bus tables Secondly, and that which I realized just now, this part time job is helping me save money at an excellent pace. Just a few months from now, with the money I save, I'll move out of my parent's home. The moment I move and step off of that plane, I can IMMEDIATELY start investing in the my future social life.

Micah Markray
July 4th, 2017

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