Like No One Ever Was.

Micah: Damn I love Pokemon.

Imag (the imaginary friend): Oh really? What for?

Micah:…huh. I guess I don’t know? I mean I wasn’t allowed to play when I was young so maybe that forbidden fruit is the sweetest?

Imag: You want to go to tournaments?

Micah: Go to? No! No! I want to WIN tournaments bruh! My name needs to be etched into that trophy!

Imag: You want the trophy?

Micah: I don’t need the trophy! I NEED to go ALL IN. I NEED to be the “Very Best Like No One Ever Was!”

Imag: You want to be the best?

Micah: Yeah! I like to throw myself into the things I do. ALL of myself.

Imag: That’s a lot of work.

Micah: Maybe, if the thing you’re doing’s not too important to you, or you don’t really love it.

Imag: You love it that much?

Micah: Pokemon..?

Imag: Yeah I mean you’ve got to learn all the types, their weaknesses; think about battle strategies; study the nationals, the strategies of national level players-

(Micah chuckles)

Imag: Seriously dude!

Micah: I know it is. I’m not laughing at anybody doing it… .

Imag: Why’d you laugh?

Micah: It’s just I can’t imagine putting that much effort into Pokemon.

Imag: Why do you play then?

Micah: ….Escapism I guess? Some nice leisure time. And I can throw my aggression around without consiquences too!

Imag: That’s cool, but I thought you wanted to “be the very best”.

Micah: …

Imag: So you don’t want to?

Micah: …I guess not.

Imag: So why are you playing?


Imag: You’re not willing to put in the work to be the best. You don’t want just the escapism

Micah: Yeah… .

Imag: Maybe when you said you were going to be the best you were just letting your testosterone get the better of you.

Micah: No. I’ve never done anything where I didn’t intend to reach another stratus of ability – to “be the very best” in the craft.

Imag: Maybe you shouldn’t be spending too much time on Pokemon then.

Micah: I don’t! Maybe I shouldn’t spend any.

Imag: Well, escapism is valuable. Healthy too.

Micah: I agree. But imagine how much of that time and energy could be thrown into –

Imag: Into?

Micah: Storytelling

Imag: That’s your favorite thing?

Micah: It’s why I woke up this morning! I love storytelling like I love air. It’s my oxygen!

I’m getting all riled up just thinking about it!

Imag: So you want to cut out your leisure for more work?

Micah: No, I think play is an important part of life.

Imag: You can play at Pokemon!

Micah: No. no. no. I love Pokemon too much, and it’s too interactive – I’ll fall in too deep. You know I’ve actually daydreamed about spending all my time in Virtual Reality Pokemon?

Imag: Woah - really?

Micah: I liked it too. It seemed nice. Explosions. Fire. People desperately trying to achieve their dreams!

Imag: Virtual reality Pokemon is on its way! You don’t have to let it consume you! Why not do it as a hobby until then?

Micah: It’s not my purpose in life.

Imag: …?

Micah: Months ago — no more like a year — I decided that I would become a great storyteller. I’ve been telling myself that, and acting like it, every day since.

Imag: People change. Desires change.

Micah: Maybe, but I still love Stories more than Pokemon. Also, I know why I love stories, and that love won’t go away!

Imag: Where does Pokemon fit into all of that?

Micah: It doesn’t.

Imag: !

Micah: Neither does Yu-Gi-Oh. Or Marketing. Or selling. Or anything else that tugs at my spirit. I’m choosing storytelling.

Imag: So what’s your play time? You said that was important.

Micah: Should be something that’ll make the stories better. Something that serves my purpose. Outside family and friends, I want to eat, sleep, and breathe story!

Imag: Any ideas?

Micah: Travel comes to mind. Learning different languages too.

Imag: Travel?

Micah: Can help me write about more things by expanding my horizons. Language does the same, only when I go to these place I’ll be able to REALLY interact with people!

Imag: So you’ll give up something you love?

Micah: …Micahel Phelps said “If you want to be the best, you have to do things that other people aren’t willing to do.” And I’m going to be the VERY BEST!

Micah Markray

May 11th, 2017

P.S. Happy Birthday to my Sister!

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