My Legacy As A Writer and Artist

I can do it. I can do it. I can do it.

I've a great deal of empathy. I treat others with respect. I try to do a bit more for others than I have to. But, at times, I make comments that deeply hurt them too - usually when I'm trying to make them comfortable, or motivate them. It happens because I get upset. Or sometimes I just get reckless. Happened today actually.

I was heading to the gym when my mother called me from the garage:

"Micah! Can you...?"

I hadn't heard her reqiest, but I was furious anyway. Bottom line was she wanted SOMETHING from me, knowing how busy I keep myself! Of course, it wasn t as big a deal as I was making it, but in the moment I was boiling.

"What!?!" I said - or raged actually. Her eyes widened. I heard my tone, and adjusted:

"What did you say?" I said reassuringly.

After a pause, "...", she asked again. I told her "No".

"Why not?"


She huffed and walked away, leaving me...conflicted. Had I done something wrong?

"I'll do it another day." I thought, jumped in my white Nissan Stanza, and drove away.
When I got to the gym, my mind and emotions were...crumbling, when a notification lit up my home screen:

"Gary Vaynerchuk has just posted on Facebook".

I pushed the notification, and a cloudy blue sky appeared on my screen. In the middle of the sky, was Gary. He was talking about legacy.
How legacy is every moment: how you treat others, what you do for others, what they say when you're gone. How we're building our legacy every moment of the day.

"What's my legacy going to be? The distant, mean, work-a-holic that wouldn't even help his mother?" I thought.


As if I'll be beaten by my own thoughts. As if I'll be whipped!

I can do it. I can do it. I can -

Micah Markray
July 7th, 2017