Steps I Take As A Designer and Artist

Designing environments was so...hard. Until today it was anyways. An idea popped into my head:

"Imagine you're there. Close your eyes. What does it look like? How does the breeze touch your cheek? What are the streets lined with? How do the clouds interact with the sun the sun?

Now, go deeper.

Enter that building to your left. See stairs there, immediately to your right? Go up them. Across the hall is a room. Go inside. What do you see?"

Just like that, I swiftly designed a space that I've been having trouble with for days. Just like that. All it took were the words "Imagine you're there". Alright...maybe it wasn't t that simple.

I'd been thinking about the world for so long: where it stood, what the people were like, their government, their economy, even the games the citizens played. I guess the world was born from those ideas.

Now that I know how to do, my ability to imagine world's will only grow with time. But should it?

"Micah -"

"- I thought you weren't going to bother with environment design? I thought you would find someone to cover that weakness?"

"If you want to learn it, fine. But NOW is the time to decide."


"Decide so that everyday you're stepping in the right direction, instead of anxiously stumbling with a bunch of half of half-steps."

"...Okay. Writing. Storyboarding. Character Design."

"Got it. Now, steps towards those three are the only ones you need to take."

Micah Markray 
July 6th, 2017

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