Disclaimer: I do not represent any organization .I am not promoting nor name shaming any products. All are my own groggy opinions after several nights without sleep.

Second Factor Authentication (2FA) for the win!!!

I’m a security software engineer. I preach using 2fa to my developer friends and families all…

“Wow, it’s been a while since my last post. I have so much experience to share but so little time. I’ve been busy with my personal life. #gettingmarried.”

This blog can further supplement the explanation and/or clarify what it means to be a DevSecOps Engineer — a post I wrote…

“You can test your application against my development environment.”

“The Jenkins build server is not “production” production. It doesn’t serve a production workload to our clients. It’s okay if it’s down.”

Do these conversations sound confusingly familiar? Do you know why you are confused by these words? …

Forgive me Fr Medium, it’s been a year since my last confession… Time flies when you’re just doing, and doing, and doing. It’s about time I take a step to reflect on some of the things I’ve done over these months.

I recently attended “Decipher”, a hackathon co-hosted by Div0

Red Team the Culture with DevSecOps — A look at what it is

This article is a follow up to my earlier blog about what it means to be a DevSecOps engineer, as I did promise an article expressing how I feel about the term.

Both are quite the buzzwords…


Based on a story of a developer’s struggle to deliver under a tight timeline:

  1. Developer spends a lot of time trying to get code to work as intended
  2. Developer spends little time writing unit tests, if any
  3. Developer spends little or no time writing integration and functional tests
  4. Developer checks in and completes feature

Everyone should write tests as part of the development lifecycle…

As the industry trends toward a serverless infrastructure and infrastructure is now mostly defined by code, the term “infrastructure as code” (see this chapter for a definition) is not unfamiliar to engineers. In the DevOps world, where speed and agility is required for fast changing infrastructure, many DevOps engineers make…

As much as I try to keep this a light topic, I can’t seem to do so. There are so many skills and tasks I do everyday that involves so much. If you’re looking for a simple, clear answer, fact is, there’s none. Well, define it yourself. …

Disclaimer: This article is an effort solely by me, written from my point of view and does not represent any organization. Born and brew as a Singaporean, I am using my country as a case study but facts apply worldwide. …


DevSecOps Servant

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