The S#!T No One is Talking About: 5 Ways to Use Your Bathroom Break

Is it me or is the bathroom the only quite time in the day? Bathroom breaks aren’t always rushed (unless you are in public) and can be a really great way to air out some of the “stink” in your day. You are already sitting, might as well stay for a bit.

Center Yourself

Depending on the odor during your next bathroom break, doing some simple breathing exercises or meditation or have quite time with God is a good way to center yourself. When stressed or anxious, turn your attention to your center to remind yourself that you have balance and control. Once you’ve found it, it will feel like you just let out a load.

Catch Up On Calls

Bathroom breaks can be great for returning phone calls or catching up with friends and family (try not to flush). If the acoustics suck, you can always send a text.

Watch Funny Videos

The internet is loaded with tons of funny videos. Since laughter is good for the soul try watching funny videos while you relax. My favorites are Chescaleigh, Karlton Humes and Jay Versace. They make me weak every single time.

Clean The Bathroom (Only if it’s yours)

Since you are in there making a mess, you might as well take the energy and straighten up your bathroom. After sitting there for a while I am sure you notice all the little things that can be done.

Play Your Favorite Game

Have a level that you have been trying to beat? Take a few minutes in the bathroom to level up. This way you don’t have the urge to play when you actually should be doing something productive.

So the next time you use the bathroom, spend that time wisely. Just don’t forget to wash your hands and perhaps wipe down your device.

What do you do in the bathroom when doing the do?

Originally published at on December 6, 2016.