Why I Got Dressed On Snapchat!

Every morning!

Every morning I relive the same movie that played the morning before. I fight with the alarm and bolt out of bed with enough time to shower, brush my teeth and get dressed (hair, makeup, etc.). If I’m lucky some mornings I can get away with making breakfast. I may need to have a #3pmteatime in the mornings and get my life.

Most mornings I am hustling to get out of my apartment to catch my train to NYC. My dramatic exit is always preceded by me tossing my shoes, makeup, mirror and accessories in my bag so that I can finish getting dressed on the train.

Well, this morning was no different from the rest with the exception that I didn’t have time to do my makeup so I planned on doing it on the train. However, I left my larger handheld makeup mirror at home (the tiny one pictured above does nothing for me). I immediately feared the worst; I wouldn’t be able to slay and be great today (because doing my makeup at work is not an option).

So, I decided to use Snapchat as a mirror and reality checker despite my brutal Snapchat rant this week. With the lighting from the phone screen, zoom, special camera effects I beat my face to no end. I also wanted to intimately share with my small group of Snapchat friends no one really has it together — at least I don’t!



I thought after turning 21, getting an adult job or even getting married suddenly gave you the genetics to “adult” to perfection. Then you twirl out of your home every morning a hot mess! Please understand, we are all just faking it until we make it and posting the part of our lives that have together on social media so that everyone else thinks we have it together.
 If it makes you feel better I wore flats during 24 degrees in NYC because I forgot to grab my boots.

We are not perfect and that ok!


Originally published at 3pmteatime.com on December 15, 2016.