Sell Bitzer Indonesia Compressor in Tangerang

Jan 14, 2016 · 2 min read

Bitzer Indonesia Compressor

In 2013, already has 14 assembly plants around the world, one of which is located in China which was built to serve the consumer market in asia region, although assembled in the land of China, but the quality of Bitzer compressor is very good because it is maintained by the process of quality control is very strict, has a number of workers and staff up to 3200 people worldwide and has operations in 42 countries worldwide. Many companies in Indonesia who have entrusted compressor Bitzer compressor to be their mainstay. Compressor Bitzer is a compressor which has been widely known and have been widely used in various places around the world, it is all due because of the quality and the quality is very good, compressors Bitzer is a product of BITZER KÜHLMASCHINENBAU GmbH, which was founded in 1934, and located in Sindelfingen, German.

Bitzer Compressor Semi-Hermetic Compressor has unique features distinctive, namely green attached to the body of the compressor, in addition to known types of piston / reciprocating (model open type and semi-hermetic) are selling well in Indonesia, Bitzer also produces compressors with system screw and scroll, Bitzer also provide various types of compressors for cooling needs for a very low temperature, low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature.

Bitzer Indonesia also suitable for use by various types of cooling fluid, ranging from freon R134a, Freon R22, Freon R404a, Freon R407C, freon R410A, Freon 507, ammonia (NH3) to CO2 (carbon dioxide), but it Bitzer also offers condensing units / unit condenser, the condenser unit Bitzer also has a high quality, kondensing units are very practical in use and can be used with Bitzer compressor (Bitzer semi-hermetic compressor) 1 level and 2 level, or with compressor-type open type, for a cooling medium can be used water (Water cooled) or air (Air Cooled).