Sometimes when connecting your AirPods to your Mac, the audio sounds muffled, tinny, or like you just put a $2 pair of headphones in your ears… It sounds terrible.

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Why it Sounds Terrible

What you’re hearing when this happens is the AirPod’s active 8–16kHz (SCO) codec. This codec is used to transmit audio via your AirPod’s microphone and is the default codec throughout the entire Mac ecosystem. This sometimes means your AirPods can get stuck producing poor quality audio.

The codec, which provides the pristine audio you're used to, is known as AAC. The reason your AirPods end up stuck in the SCO codec is due to Bluetooth’s bandwidth support.

Brief: Yelp’s current mobile web list/map interface gets the job done, but can be better. Redesign Yelp’s mobile web list/map view interface.

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Understanding the Interface and Target Audience

To accurately understand how Yelp’s web interface is used, I made sure to:

  1. Understand the goal of the web interface.
  2. Be aware of the audience Yelp serves.
  3. Understand when and where users would interact with the interface.

My Redesign Process

1. Define the problem

2. Define the target audience

3. Analyze similar apps providing similar services as Yelp

4. Draw sketches & create wireframes

5. Create the first interface and obtain user feedback by A/B testing

6. Redesign problematic interfaces using feedback received from…

Brief: Create an app interface for travelers which solves issues with current airline apps.

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The Problem — Airline Apps

My parents and a few of their friends often travel for work. When discussing travel, they mentioned how challenging it was to use different airline apps.

I took down their hardships, turning a dinner group into a focus group, and devised a plan to design a better app for the travelers.

What Users Needed

Easy to access sign in
A quick view of the flight tracker
Faster access to media in-app

My Design Process

1. Define the problem

2. Define the target audience

3. Research & define users’ needs

4. Draw sketches & create…

Brief: Create a to-do app that helps users break down their day and send personalized push notifications.

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My Role & the Team:

I worked on the UI/UX Design by defining pain points and analyzing similar apps on the market. Jevin Sew worked on the development and helped create the user experience.

Problems with Current To-Do Apps

I set out to research to-do apps and identified areas where certain workflows were not being met. Along with the creation of a to-do, the following factors bring market opportunities to a new to-do app. …

@3raxton’s 2017

DECEMBER 31, 2017

This year I decided to sit down sooner than 23:37 to write my year in review post. This year was a bit different than I predicted at the end of last year which I love. So queue the playlist with your favorite songs from your page and take a look at what I did this year.

PROJECTS (feat. 2017)

This year I sat down to learn and create at the same time. Teaching myself about design and code and how to implement them into projects was a significant player this year. Some projects this year had no code involved, and others were solely coded. …

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I’ve been thinking about this more than usual recently and would like to bring up a potential security flaw from Apple: Touch ID

Touch ID is brilliant sure, but have we considered the flaws of it? Fully I don’t think we have. I first started thinking about this when I let my friend put her fingerprint into my phone for Touch ID which requires someone to know the phone passcode. So what is the main security flaw with Touch ID?


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Though a phone passcode may be forgettable after I allowed her to put her fingerprint into my phone I immediately thought of Wallet. I have credit card, debit card and gift card information stored in wallet. …

So you’ve read up on changing Apple IDs and found out that Apple doesn’t have an easy way to do something like this. After trying (not to mention buying) an app or two and exporting all of my chats to Google Drive, I found a fix that has been looked over a few times.

The steps are simple but there is one thing you need to do first:

Make sure to have your WhatsApp messages backed up to iCloud

If you don’t use iCloud currently or back up your WhatsApp messages backed up via the app — do it. This is a must for keeping your messages.

A few nights ago when talking to my exchange student about life and sleep loss was mentioned. She told me that due to sleep loss she had downloaded multiple meditation apps which made me think of Headspace. I went to the app store and downloaded it, opened it, and came to the sign-in page which gave me three options: Email, Facebook, and Spotify.

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Spotify’s API within Headspace

This is what led me to the idea of Spotify’s integrations into multiple mobile apps.

Of course there is always the simple yes and no reasons but let’s take this into perspective.

Due to the free plan offered by Spotify, the only thing users need is an email. This leads there to be a plethora of people who have Spotify accounts and the number continues to rise. With over 100 million active users, it is more than likely that your users have a Spotify account. Furthermore, you also have another option for users who don’t use Facebook but still manage their music using Spotify. …

Every time I want to add an email to my personal domain I find it a challenge. Today, I wanted to add a few emails to my domain and since I knew I would need to go through the same challenging steps again in the future, I decided I might as well write them down and share them.

Now for the steps:

If you are adding a new domain start by going to the domains tab in Zoho.

  • You will need to change the MX Records you have in Zoho and redirect them to the Google Domain you own via a CNAME. …

Braxton Huff’s 2016

DECEMBER 31, 2016

You don’t usually find the average 18 year old skipping out on a New Year’s Eve party to write a Medium post on what their accomplishments were as a maker over the previous year. That’s where I seem to stick out. This year has been filled with many new accomplishments and projects that I would have never considered writing a blog post for… My review of 2016 and what I have accomplished. However, thanks to Justin Jackson and his website I have done so.


There were many different things that I created this year which I did not consider as projects. Now looking back on them, they were most certainly noteworthy and defined as projects.


Braxton is seeking design opportunities in tech 🎓

Interaction / Product Design Student seeking opportunities in Tech 🎓

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