How to add an email to your domain via Zoho, Gmail, and Google Domains

Every time I want to add an email to my personal domain I find it a challenge. Today, I wanted to add a few emails to my domain and since I knew I would need to go through the same challenging steps again in the future, I decided I might as well write them down and share them.

Now for the steps:

If you are adding a new domain start by going to the domains tab in Zoho.

  • You will need to change the MX Records you have in Zoho and redirect them to the Google Domain you own via a CNAME. You can find information on this here.

Create an email within Zoho for your gmail account:

  • Go to Zoho and log in with your admin account then click Access Your Apps in the top right corner.
Zoho Login Page
  • Next, click the Mail icon on the apps page.
Mail Icon
  • Now that you have arrived at the mail page you will need to click the setting cog in the top right of the page which will display a dropdown. Choose Control Panel from the dropdown.
Control Panel in Dropdown
  • On the right side of the screen there is a menu. On that menu, choose the User Details option.
User Details Button
  • In the top left of the User Details screen there is an option to add a user. Simply press Add User and complete the following requirements then click OK.
Add User Button
  • Click on the new user you just created and then choose Mail Accounts on the top menu strip. Change the settings of the account to the way they are listed below.
Mail Accounts tab in Zoho

Finally, the Gmail integration with help from Google Domains:

You can either treat this email as an alias or another email altogether — this can be decided within step five.

  • Sign into your Google Domains account that hosts the domain you are working with.
  • Find the domain that you would like to add an email to and choose the Email icon for that domain.
Google Domains Email Icon
  • In the email forwarding section of the Email page, type the username of the email you created in Zoho and the email you would like to receive emails at — then click Add. Of course where mine says yours will say the domain you are working with.
Email Forwarding

  • Sign in to Gmail with the account you want to add the email you created to.
  • Click the settings cog near the top right of the screen which will display a dropdown. Choose Settings on the dropdown displayed.
Gmail Setting Dropdown
  • Within the Settings page choose Accounts and Import on the top menu.
Accounts and Import Button
  • Choose Add another email address near the bottom of the page.
Add another email address button
  • Enter the name that you would like the new email to display and the email address as (replacing the words email and domain name with your email and domain name)
Display name & Email address
  • Within the form on the next page change the email to and the username field to be formatted as the following: (replacing the words email and domain name with your email and domain name)
Change Email and Username
  • Next, fill in the password that matches your Zoho email account.
  • Make sure that the TLS button is marked and the port is 587 before continuing to the next page (as shown above).
  • After clicking the Add Account Button, a screen will show up that reads that An email with a confirmation code was sent to the email which you just set up.
  • Go to the inbox of the receiving email from step three and there should be an email from Google that looks like the following:
Send Mail as Alias
  • Within this email there will be a confirmation code in which you can copy and enter into the box on the yellow page.

Congrats! You now have a fully functioning email alias that you can send and receive emails with!

If you feel that I missed anything or was not descriptive enough please leave a comment below and I will be happy to help you out! Cheers!