What I can now call an annual review of my year (feat. 2017)

@3raxton’s 2017

DECEMBER 31, 2017

This year I decided to sit down sooner than 23:37 to write my year in review post. This year was a bit different than I predicted at the end of last year which I love. So queue the playlist with your favorite songs from your spotify.me page and take a look at what I did this year.

PROJECTS (feat. 2017)

This year I sat down to learn and create at the same time. Teaching myself about design and code and how to implement them into projects was a significant player this year. Some projects this year had no code involved, and others were solely coded. The following are the projects I created throughout 2017.

Foreign Ipsum

I started the year off with a bit of code to incorporate my friends and family outside of the United States. Using words written by them, I decided to build a Sketch plugin which would fill mockups with text when a user chooses a specific language. Through this project, I was able to teach myself about coding and how to use GitHub.

The plugin now has over 300 users, and the number continues to rise. I hope to have more writers contribute and to rewrite this plugin in 2018 with the help of a few people that I have become connected within 2017.


I built another bot in 2017. Similar to Ayy It’s Christmas I wanted to create a bot that would help people with something that happens daily. I had the issue of figuring out what I wanted to make easier for others.

After doing some research on how many people fly daily, Porter was the answer.

Roughly one million people fly daily. If they are flying internationally, chances are they will want to use wifi to limit data usage. Few airports have completely public wifi networks. Since I knew I would crave wifi at every stop on my trip, I decided to make Porter.

Porter is a Facebook Messenger bot which replies with airport passwords after the user sends Porter the airport’s code. Porter makes traveling much easier for users. They can request wifi information for airports before they get to their destination.

Porter now has over 330 users, and a handful of them use Porter weekly. While the monthly growth is small, I expect there to be continual growth for Porter in 2018.

Now for the rest of 2017 — What I didn’t know I needed

Making New Connections

Thanks to Amrith Shanbhag and Marlon I made a few new friends and met one of them when I took my trip to San Fransisco. Amrith has a community on Slack for students that are working on shipping new projects. I joined Feathrd at the end of the summer, and it has given me new ideas, access to helpful creators, and more.

Marlon added me to a group chat with a few other makers including myself. I was randomly added in the middle of 2017 when I was visiting Switzerland and put the group on mute because I expected I was added to the group by accident.

It turns out it wasn’t a mega group and, the people in the chat (Marlon, Tristan Isham, Jevin Sew & Amrith Shanbhag) are some of the most amazing people from all over the world!

Further Learning about User Interface Design

In 2016 I found out about User Interface Design and began teaching myself. In 2017 I continued to build upon this and taught myself about prototyping and learned even more about design. Furthermore, I landed an internship as a user experience intern at a company in Topeka, Kansas which has helped me learn more about what I want to do in my career.

In 2017 I began designing interfaces for mobile devices and by doing freelance work. I have recently started to work on an app called Done with Jevin Sew which we hope to release soon!

2017 was a year of opportunity for user interface design, and I hope to build even more on it in 2018.


The summer of 2017 treated me well. I spent most of the summer in Europe with my friends and past exchange students. I met more, people, learned more about the cultures and took trips from country to country.

This summer my country count went from 6 to 10 countries, and I could not be more grateful for those who traveled with me! I appreciate everyone that let me stay with them and everyone who showed me around their cities, it was terrific, and you all made it possible.

My summer started in Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands and slowly progressed to Switzerland, Sweden, and Finland. The adventures that happened over the summer were great, and I can not wait to travel with my friends again!

My Goals for 2018 (feat. Change)

Last year I set a few goals that all changed throughout the year. The most important met and the others took their courses.

This year I will do the same and expect them to take their course just like last year. I love seeing how these plans change over the year and I can’t wait!


  • Find an internship position over the summer that supplies me with something different than what I have now.
  • Make more connections outside of my field of work.

Technical & Design

  • Move my portfolio to a site that I can carry with me without restraints.
  • Gain a much deeper understanding of User Interface Design and how users would interact with the application then improve the design.
  • Complete the Daily UI Challenge to the best of my ability or teach myself about interactions and how to bring my own ideas to life.
  • Release Done with an outstanding UI


  • Learn as much as I can in regards to whatever I come in contact with or find interesting.
  • Continue traveling and adventuring without any limitations.


  • Have a year of adventures, new opportunities and, discoveries.
  • Create connections and work with as many people as I can on projects.
  • Once again, live life to the fullest daily. I’ve done this consecutively and hope to once again.

My New Year’s Resolution in 2016 was:

  • More Music
  • More Netflix
  • Less Problems

In 2017 it was as follows:

  • More Music
  • More Knowledge
  • Less Problems

In 2018 I will move away from my traditional six words and accomplish the following:

Listen to more music, be open to more opportunity and change, continue my love of travel and meeting new people.

Cheers! Have a great 2018!