Update: I got banned from Discord

Yep, it finally happened lol.

I don’t even know why to be honest. Discord claims in the account termination email that I was promoting and/or distributing hacks on their platform.

Which, to be honest, I kinda was. I did make ASH-AIO which is a Splatoon hack client with some dangerous hacks in it, however I did not distribute it directly on Discord’s platform, but rather I hosted releases of it on GitHub.

But I did give out that GitHub link so that counts as promoting I guess.

Also, I made sure to make it clear to everyone that uses that AIO that by using it ASH Team is not liable for any damage to your Wii U console nor are we responsible if you get banned for your dumb decision to use a clearly-labeled dangerous hack online in the game.

But that isn’t enough for Discord I guess.

If I can make it through this month without getting banned again then I’ll give you guys my new Discord, unless some cuck reports me again.

Oh well. Take care everyone.

And RIP to the xcord, CuriosityDev, Choco Discord Bot, and all those servers. I even had a server where I kept a super secret porn stash only accessible to me and no invites to it were ever generated. RIP to my porn stash i guess lmao.

You can join my new server, link on my website (including a chat widget in case you dont wanna signup for Discord yourself so you can post in the server directly from my website!)

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Sanel Kukic, also known as 3reetop, is a 16-year old American trap music producer, DJ, and musician.

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